What Factors Do Employers Or HR Managers Look For In Your Resume

Every single day thousands of people apply for jobs. Thousands of resumes are sent by career seekers and sometimes one person alone can get hundreds of rejections too. There are even special resume writing services that help create the perfect resume that Hiring Managers expect to see. While we all have an understanding of what resumes are, very often, we forget to think of things from another perspective.

However, in most cases, before even getting a shot at an interview, your application gets rejected. Why? Because we forget to think from an employer's perspective. So we decided to bring to you important factors that pass through an employer and HR representative's mind while hiring candidates.

By keeping these tips in mind and modifying your resume, you will notice yourself getting shortlisted to the top a lot more.

Let's dive right in then, shall we?

Quick Keywords

Employers get hundreds of thousands of resumes every single day. Therefore going through every resume thoroughly and wholeheartedly is impossible. Most employers skim through multiple resumes looking for keywords and terms that apply to the role, company, or project. This is why ensuring that you modify your resume to incorporate keywords associated with the job profile will automatically raise your chances of being noticed and chosen for an interview.

Roles And Duties

Every job listing will have clear instructions on what the role and responsibilities of a job would be. Employers will look for the very same in the roles and responsibilities section of your resume too. Anything that deflects or seems to not have anything to do with the role will automatically result in your resume getting sidelined. So taking the time to reflect upon previous experiences with companies and rewriting them to be better suited for the job listing at hand needs to be done without a doubt.


Very often, employers find this section to be the laziest. "Why?" do you ask? Because most resumes have the same skills copied and pasted either from popular search engines or previous resume templates. This section is most cases, will make an employer call out your bluff. Since most of the skill sections remain the same, they don't match with the skills that an employer looks for. They are either outdated or have nothing to do with the job listed. Be sure to do your research or look out for key skills mentioned in the job description, so you don't lose out on the job due to incorrect skills.

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