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Resume Writing Services For The Accounting Industry

Professional resume writing services for CPA's, CFO's, Financial Analyst's, Controllers, Accounting Managers, Directors of Accounting, many more...

We are Arizona's best professional leaders in writing resumes for accountants, CPA's, CFO's, Finance Advisers, Controllers, and many other accounting/bookkeeping positions.

Work One-On-One With A Professional "Accounting" Resume Writer

We are Arizona's best professional leaders in writing resumes for accountants, CPA's, CFO's, Finance Advisers, Controllers, and many other accounting/bookkeeping positions. The financial and accounting industry is insanely competitive. In order to stand out in such an environment, you need a strong resume. One which is capable of demonstrating key hard skills, like financial management, forecasting or budget preparation, but also soft skills like responsibility. We understand the needs of accounting and finance professionals looking for new job opportunities, and that's why we're your best option.

Our Resume Writers Are Experts In Writing Resumes For Professionals In The Accounting Field

As a company, DoMyResume.NET has been around for more than a decade, successfully creating more than 5,000 resumes during that time. We are based in Arizona, with offices in Gilbert, Phoenix, Peoria and Tucson. We are rated number one resume service in the state, with highest positive customer rating on Google, BBB, Glassdoor, and Facebook.

As our client, you will be assigned a Certified Resume Writer, an expert in writing finance and accounting resumes for Accountants, Bookkeepers, Budget Analysts and Managers, Senior Auditors, or Tax Specialists, to name a few. Every expert writer has extensive knowledge of that particular industry, and has a thorough understanding of what accounting and finance organizations are looking for in a resume.

Our Resume Writers Understand The Accounting Industry

If you want to stand out from the competition and advance in your financial and accounting career, you need a powerful resume. With a strong hiring document, you'll make sure employers notice you in a sea of other candidates, and invite you in for an interview.

Getting noticed requires two things: passing through the ATS, or the Applicant Tracking Software, and using those few precious seconds of the hiring managers' time properly. To pass the ATS, a professional resume writing service will use essential keywords and search phrases. To make sure hiring managers spot you, our writers will place a stronger emphasis on core strengths in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), auditing or taxing.

A resume is probably your only chance of grabbing the employer's attention. With a highly reputed resume writing agency, you'll make sure to take that chance.

Our Expert Professional Accounting Resume Writers Will:

  • Interview each candidate to best understand their ambitions and desires.

  • Identify fundamental skills, transferable skills and essential previous work experiences.

  • Create a resume for accounting positions that is designed to pass ATS systems.

  • Write cover letters and follow-up letters to showcase professionalism and responsibility.

  • Take a high-quality profile photograph.

  • Build a great LinkedIn profile with a well spread network of professionals in the accounting industry.

  • Redesign current resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that are not creating desired results.

  • Help candidates find new and lucrative accounting jobs with training and education.

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