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A Happy Police Woman With Her Professional Law Enforcement Resume

Resume Writing Services For The Law Enforcement & Security Industry

Professional resume writing services for Law Enforcement, Police Officers, Border Patrol Agents, Immigration Officers, Private Security, Director of Event Security, many more...

We are a top-rated professional resume writing service for security and law enforcement officers in Phoenix Arizona. Creating a well-working resume in the Law Enforcement industry is harder than it sounds.

Work One-On-One With A Professional "Law Enforcement/Security" Resume Writer

We are a top-rated professional resume writing service for security and law enforcement officers in Phoenix Arizona. Creating a well-working resume in the Law Enforcement industry is harder than it sounds. The industry is under plenty of scrutiny, and things got even more complicated with the introduction of Applicant Tracking Software systems. That is why it is harder than ever to find a new and lucrative job opportunity for Forensic Engineers, Deportation Officers, Compliance Officers, Federal Air Marshalls, and others in Law Enforcement.

Having a professionally written security & law enforcement resume in Gilbert Arizona, can ease the pain of job hunting. With a properly designed resume, law enforcement professionals can highlight both unique skills, as well as transferable ones. As a resume writing service in Arizona, we specialize in assisting law enforcement and security officers find new jobs, locally and all over the country.

Our Resume Writers Are Experts In Writing Resumes For Professionals In The Law Enforcement & Security Field has a team of certified professionals resume writers has years of experience creating high-quality resumes for Criminalists and Criminologists, Forensics, Police Officers, Sheriffs & more.

We create customized resumes Border Patrol Agents, Customs & Enforcement Officers, Police Officers and Detectives, that captures the interest of hiring managers and increase the chances of landing a job interview. Law enforcement professionals from all over the United States have used our services to find new jobs and prepare for incoming interviews.

Our Resume Writers Understand The Security & Law Enforcement Industry

Every resume, especially ones in the public sector, needs to go through two gates – an ‘electronic’ one, and a ‘human’ one. The ‘electronic’ one comes in the form of an ATS, or Applicant Tracking Software. It is a computer software that autonomously scans incoming resumes for keywords and key search phrases. It discards those that don’t fit a pre-determined criteria, while sorting those that do.


A well-built law enforcement resume will be capable of passing through every ATS with flying colors. The second gate is the hiring manager, which is difficult in its own right, as hiring managers usually stick around a resume for a mere couple of seconds. It is thus fundamental that the resumes are filled with keywords and search phrases, as well as that they’re interesting enough to capture the attention of hiring managers and employers.

Our Expert Professional Law Enforcement & Security Resume Writers Will:

  • Interview each candidate in various law enforcement industries, including FBI agents, Forensic Scientists, Homeland Security Agents or Customs Agents, to determine their professional goals.

  • Use the information to highlight key work experiences and core skills.

  • Draft a resume that will pass both ATS systems and interest hiring managers.

  • Pair them with awesome cover letters and thank you letters.

  • Take a professional profile photograph for social media networks.

  • Create a LinkedIn profile to showcase professionalism, trustworthiness and expertise.

  • Revamp existing, poorly created law enforcement resumes, cover letters and social media accounts.

  • Guide candidates through the hiring process with training, education and counseling.

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