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Resume Writing Services For The
Marketing Industry

Resume writing services for VP of Marketing, Marketing Executives, VP of Advertising, Director of Marketing, Art Directors, Product Marketing Managers, Media & Public Relations Managers, many more...

We are a professional resume writing company in Arizona that write keyword optimized resumes for Marketing professionals.

Work One-On-One With A Resume Writer For The "Marketing" Industry

We are a professional resume writing company in Arizona that write keyword optimized resumes for Marketing professionals. Our team of resume writers specializes with writing resumes for Marketing Coordinators, Marketing Directors, Brand Marketing Managers, Presidents of Global Marketing Departments, VP of Advertising & Marketing, eCommerce Marketing Specialists, and many more within the marketing field.

Our Resume Writers Are Experts In The "Marketing" Industry

Highly experienced and with extensive knowledge of marketing, our professional resume writers have written thousands of resumes for job seekers in marketing positions, including; Assistant Marketing Directors, Creative Assistants, Internet Marketing Coordinators, Internet Marketing Specialists, Marketing Data Analysts, SEO Managers, and many more. We are familiar with what marketing managers look for. We make sure to create a keyword optimized marketing resume that includes all the right search terms and search phrases.

We have been providing our service for more than a decade. Being headquartered in Arizona, with offices in Phoenix, Peoria, Gilbert and Tucson, does not limit us to work for local clients only. We provide our service to people all around the world via phone interviews and emails.

Our Resume Writers Understand The Marketing Field

It is extremely important to be familiar with the keywords, terminology and phrases of each industry. Being less experienced than other candidates does not lessen the opportunity of getting a job. A well written and professional resume for marketing positions can bring you opportunities because it presents the skills you possess in the best light.

Most of hiring managers rely on the ATS to avoid wasting time on poorly written marketing resumes. Knowing what the best keywords are to be used in a marketing resume, allows us to use the proper terminology marketing managers are looking for. After passing the ATS, you must stand out among other candidates to assure a hiring manager you are the best candidate for a job. We do it by using the right terminology and phrases to present your skills while writing a resume.

Our Expert Professional Marketing Resume Writers Will:

  • Create keyword optimized marketing resume.

  • Develop an enriched Cover Letter that highlights core marketing skills.

  • Create a LinkedIn profile with advanced level features.

  • Professional headshot photo taken by high-end professional photographer.

  • Prepare and educate clients for job interviews.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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