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  • Why should I use your company's services?
    We are the largest and best career services company in the area. We are also the most reviewed and highest rated resume company (over 2,500 reviews averaging over 4.9 out of 5). Our management has a mantra: price is what you pay & value is what you get' and they continuously benchmark against the competition to ensure that we're by far the best value around.
  • Do you tailor each resume?
    We tailor all of our resumes to the type of position being sought, so I'll just mention to the extent you have a position in mind we look to optimize keywords to get our higher interview success rates. This happens because we first get over the HR hurdle. 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS software. Most HR departments for enterprise or SME level companies use one of 17 major ATS software packages and so we need to optimize for that (using keyword alignment). The other reason we do this is so that when HR provides the hiring manager a first batch of 40 resumes and they review this batch to call in 8 for a first round, we will have tailored the resume to make you look like a ‘best fit’ for the position so that you will be one of those 8 called into the first round. The only common question that writers ask all clients who are actually seeking jobs (some are getting honorary degrees and other things) but they ask for one to three job descriptions for the type of position being sought.
  • How do you determine your prices?
    On our website we use salary bands as a ‘rule of thumb’ to determine the project cost. Essentially our Marketing team thought about using an algorithm to determine pricing (based on cost drivers including but not limited to keyword density, complexity of the targeted job, length of work history, length of current resume, etc.), but that was just too complicated to use online.
  • What is the difference between a CV and a resume?
    CVs usually refer to a more detailed version of a resume, one which contains more information. If you’ve received multiple degrees, certifications, awards, etc., or have produced many publications, studies, etc., then a professional CV service is what you need. CVs are usually several pages in length, unlike shorter and simpler resume formats that can be one or two pages long.
  • Once I receive my resume, can I ask for revisions?"
    Yes and that’s what makes us different from other resume writing companies. We provide unlimited resume revisions for 30 days. Our only request is that you condense these changes into 2 batches so that no details are lost. When ready, just email your professional resume writer and they will make the required modifications for you.
  • Can you help me with a resume if I’m applying for U.S. government jobs?
    Yes, DoMyResume.NET provides the best federal resume writing services around! We understand that government positions have needs that go well beyond those of a regular resume. If you need a federal resume, contact us and we will assign you a phenomenal federal resume writer! Click here, to check out the pricing of our online federal resume writing services.
  • What is the process?
    Our clients simply come online to our website at and select whatever best meets their needs. Within 24 to 48 hours you'll receive 2 emails: one stating that you've been assigned to a writer, and then the 2nd will be directly from your assigned writer. If we have subject matter overlap AND can improve process times, we may have one writer handle the interview and another write the resume, but again ONLY if these 2 preconditions are met. Next your assigned writer will review whatever information you've provided, such as an old resume. If you have no resume or have a gap in time that is not covered, we have a questionnaire to convey that information to the writer. Your writer will review this and ask questions regarding your work history (e.g. to jog your memory a little bit about, add any metrics or awards that may be missing, etc.). They will then review your responses and suggest about eight different times for an interview. You can pick from these or request a select a different day and time. Once the interview takes place, we're currently running about four business days after that interview date and to get a resume back to you.
  • Can you help me with a resume if I’m applying for U.S. government jobs?
    Yes, DoMyResume.NET provides the best federal resume writing service in Tucson. We do understand that government positions have needs that go beyond a regular resume writing service. If you need a federal resume, contact us and we will assign the best government resume writer we’ve for you Click here, to check out the pricing of our online federal resume writing services.
  • What are the other items - should I order a cover letter, LinkedIn Profile Overhaul or Infographic Resume?
    What should I order? Cover Letter: Essentially, if you feel strongly about your current cover letter because it's been working very well for you as of late, then you can save the money and tailor that yourself. LinkedIn Profile Overhauls: We do highly recommend a LinkedIn profile overhaul for all clients, who are looking to change sectors, functions, or are planning to change their geography in a big way. I say this, because these searches are usually the longest and benefit the most from LinkedIn. We align the profile with your new résumé to present a unified message. You can then leverage LinkedIn to get further through your job search in less time. For example, instead of the typical 2 degrees of separation that you might use for networking, you can leverage LinkedIn to get a full 6 degrees of separation. You can then start setting up informational interviews to learn more about target companies, and their culture, etc. Worst case, if you make a good first impression with someone at a target company and they do not give you a heads up about a job before it gets posted, then, at least, when you interview at that company, you can separate yourself from the pack in a very positive way by showing that you were the only job candidate that has already spoken with employees within that group, that you understand their typical tasks, inter-departmental, interactions, culture, etc. This will lower the hiring manager's risks in a big way, and definitely increase your odds. Infographic Resumes: This is this is a compliment (and not a substitute) for your regular resume. It will help set you apart from the crowd and positively differentiate yourself as someone who's willing to take the extra step (even before they come on board). It is best used when handed off in person, after making a good first impression. This can help after an interview, at a trade fair or career fair, or just after meeting a recruiter. This is a very visual summary of your resume ("eye candy" for the reader).
  • What is your average turnaround time?
    We take 3-5 business days after the interview is complete. Once you sign up and select your resume writing service, our professional writer will contact you. We will then ask you questions regarding your work history to start the process and then schedule a phone interview.
  • Do I come there in person?
    Since Covid, we now have a unified process at so we no longer have different payment terminals in each office, and all of our clients simply go online to our website and select whatever best meets their needs. Then, unless your case is extremely complicated for some reason, we handle most of our interviews via phone.
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