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Frequently Asked Questions

Not every professional resume writing service in Arizona is created equal. In fact, there are many companies you should avoid at all cost. Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below to find answers to common questions.

Why Choose DoMyResume.NET Over Another Resume Writing Company?

  1. HIGHEST QUALITY RESUME COMPANY with the MOST REVIEWS and HIGHEST RATINGS in the state to prove it (4 offices with some 1,000 reviews averaging 4.9 out of 5 on BBB, Google, etc.).

  2. One-on-one in-depth interview with your Senior Tier 3 CPRW Resume Writer.

  3. Keyword optimized to help pass companies Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) filtration systems.

  4. We've written more than 325,000 resumes.

  5. Highest interview success rates in the entire state of Arizona.

  6. Helped more advanced, executive, mid-career, and entry-level job seekers than any other resume service in Arizona.

  7. Lowest costing professional resume company in Arizona.

  8. Largest professional resume writing service in all of Arizona.

  9. Four commercial offices located in Mesa, Phoenix, Peoria, & Tucson Arizona.

  10. Industry specific professional resume writers.

How Are We Rated # 1 Resume Service In All Of Arizona?

  1. Quality - We only deliver INTERVIEW-WINNING resumes that are powerful, detailed, keyword optimized and that knock the socks off both hiring managers and potential employers. We employ over 32 industry specific resume writers that have a minimum of 8 years resume writing background. Our amazing team produces extremely high-quality work!

  2. Service - We believe customers have questions and they want answers...quickly. That's why we are open 7 days a week. Our job is to create high-quality, rich and astonishing resumes that are keyword optimized; it's your job to apply, apply, apply.​

  3. Prices - We have the lowest costs in all of Arizona because we are the leading experts in resume writing. We are efficient and effective at delivering excellence the first time!

What Makes DoMyResume.NET So Much More Credible Than Other Resume Writing Companies?

DoMyResume.NET pays top dollar to attract talent and we pay top dollar and bonuses to retain talent. Due to our unsurpassed quality and extremely high standards, we only hire Certified Professional Resume Writers who have their CPRW credentials and have a minimum of 8 years' experience writing resumes. Our professional resume writers are engineers and wordsmiths at what they do. You may be a great academic writer, but that does not mean you have the skills and rare talents of a "certified professional resume writer".

How Does The Resume Writing Process Work?

  1. Select your package/service online.

  2. Once services/package has been selected, you will be assigned to your industry specific writer based on your career background or career objective(s).

  3. Your assigned writer will email you within 24 hours or less to set up an in-depth interview with you to collect information to better understand your career and academic background and career objective(s).

  4. Your writer will work closely one-on-one via phone/email (or in-person if we determine your situation is too complex) with you to extract a massive amount of information from you such as: metrics, hard skills, accomplishments, core competencies, and to better understand your career objective(s).

  5. If you have a resume, our writers typically throw most clients resumes away and start from scratch. Most people cannot write resumes at the level we do. Our writers are resume engineers.

  6. Completed resume which will be emailed to you in MS Word (unrestricted access).

  7. If you need any revisions to your completed resume, contact your writer via email with any revision request.

How Long Does The Process Take To Complete My Resume?

Typically 3-6 days after submitting all necessary information to your writer. If you need your resume within 24-48 hours, you can pay an extra fee to have your project bumped to the front of the line.

How Long Do I Get To Work One-On-One With My Writer After My Resume Has Been Completed?


To ensure you are 100% happy with your resume and cover letter, you get up to 30 calendar days to work one-on-one with your writer. Most companies only allow up to 7 days.

What Is Your Guarantee?

Our success rates, customer reviews, and expertise in the industry has allowed us to fully understand what helps resumes pass companies' software filtration systems, and which resumes fail. We guarantee you'll be impressed with our high standards. We give you up to 30 days and 2 full rounds of unlimited resume revisions once your writer sends your first draft resume and cover letter to you to ensure you're happy. Our job is to create high-quality, rich and astonishing resumes that are keyword optimized; it's your job to apply, apply, apply.​

What Is An Online Resume Writing Factory/Mill?

DoMyResume.NET is NOT a cheap online resume writing mill/factory! Resume mills are online only companies, not local, that ship resumes overseas (like India or Pakistan) to cheap labor camps. Resume mills are known to be cheap and produce low quality resumes, offer no money back guarantees and offer no guarantee of interviews. Resume mills do not typically allow you work one-on-one via phone or email with your assigned writer as they are overseas and have language barriers. Stay AWAY from resume mills is our advice!

Where Can I See Your Terms & Conditions?

Click here to see our Terms & Conditions.

Where Can I See Your Privacy Policy?

Click here to see our Privacy Policy.

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