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LinkedIn Writing Service

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Prospective employers expect to see your online professional presence and career background!  You can’t exploit the full power of LinkedIn if you don’t have an impressive LinkedIn profile. Once your resume is final, we will leverage this for your new LinkedIn profile so that you present a single, unified message to all potential employers.



LinkedIn Creation or Overhaul

Custom LinkedIn URL Address

Proper LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Keyword Optimized/SEO


LinkedIn Career Summary Added

Entire Employment History Added

Upload Professional Headshot Photo

Certificates, Awards, Degree's, etc

Work With Master LinkedIn Writer

LinkedIn Features:

We have Master Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers who can expertly craft the most appealing (and search engine optimized) LinkedIn profiles. A properly developed and professionally written LinkedIn profile helps you get noticed by potential employers and recruiters. Up to 76% of employers will want to check out your profile on LinkedIn! Once finalized, your resume will form the basis of this new profile!

LinkedIn Profile Example:

Professional LinkedIn Profile Creation or Overhaul

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