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Infographic Resume Writing Service

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Infographic resumes are the next evolutionary step in resume writing!


Infographic Resume

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Infographic Resume Features:

State-of-the-art, infographic resumes are the next evolutionary step in resume writing, and as a professional resume writing company, we are proud to say we offer creative, engaging, & appealing infographic resumes. These resumes are a compliment, and not a substitute for regular resumes.  These are meant to be handed to an employer DURING an interview, or after making a good first impression at a job fair, company open house, trade show, etc. Infographic Resumes are very visually appealing, and add a "WOW" factor to help you positively differentiate yourself from other job applicants.  Once finalized, your resume will form the basis of this document (takes 3-5 business days).

Infographic Resume Sample:

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