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What Are Common Resume Mistakes & How To Avoid Them?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Recruiters and HR of any company receive a lot of resumes for each job position. But, not all of those resumes make it to the next phase as a significant number of resumes get rejected in the first phase.

Rejection at such an early stage may have various reasons. However, one of the common reasons is the mistakes made by the job seeker in their resumes. As the majority of the candidates are not resume writers, due to their lack of knowledge and resume writing expertise, they think that resume sent to the recruiter is perfect and errorless, but that might not be the case.

Job seekers who turn to a quality resume services such as www.DoMyResume.NET, land 53% more interviews.

DoMyResume.NET discuss the common errors found in a resume that can lead to rejection and methods to avoid them.

Writing A Keyword Targeted "Career Summary"

The Career Summary is an essential element to landing a great job with great benefits, but adding it only for the sake of the requirement is not enough. A lot of candidates make the mistake of adding a random, general career summary that does not even match the job requirements. Professional resume writers such as www.DoMyResume.NET understand this very well!

A keyword targeted Career Summary in a resume has to be specific according to the job and the goals of the company. Therefore, before adding it to a resume you must do some research about the company, go through the job description, and write a career summary that aligns with the company and the job goals.

Don't Include Irrelevant Information In A Resume

A lot of job seekers think that adding lots of information in a resume can increase the chances of a job interview. But, that is not true.

In reality, this practice affects negatively and decreases the chances of an interview! Recruiters have very little time to evaluate the resumes, and too much irrelevant information distracts them from focusing on important and relevant information. In evaluations, quality is what matters, not quantity.

According to the top resume writing service in Phoenix Arizona, www.DoMyResume.NET states a resume should have approximately 800-1,000 words in a two full page resume with relevant content.

So, add only that information that is relevant. Irrelevant information can overshadow the important one.

Keyword & Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

It is the technical mistake found in the majority of resumes due to the lack of technological expertise. Today, many recruiters rely on ATS technology for resume evaluation in the initial phase before evaluating them personally.

DoMyResume.NET says, "the ATS technology helps in the identification of the relevant keywords in a resume".

The resumes not meeting ATS requirements are rejected right away before even reaching the recruiter’s desk. This technical mistake is easy to avoid with the help of senior resume writers.

Going through the job description, identifying the relevant, strong keywords, and incorporating them into the resume are also effective methods of optimizing a professional resume.

Using Metrics In A Resume Demonstrates Your Actual Achievements

Taking the help of numbers and percentages to communicate achievements is an ideal method to highlight capability and competence according to www.DoMyResume.NET.

Resume services recommends including relevant metrics that showcase how you solved complex problems within your organization and what the financial outcome was.

A resume without numbers has a lesser impact than a resume that contains them in a sufficient amount. The statistics in the resume help the recruiter to quickly analyze the impact made by an individual at their previous workplace and works as a support to make the decision.

A resume without statistics has a high chance of ending in the rejection zone. Therefore, to make the best resume, hire a resume service that can write an impactful resume.

Don't Include Repetitive Information

The sole purpose of resume sections is to provide different types of information. It is not a healthy approach to repeat the information already provided in a section again into another section. Avoid this practice, and provide new information in every section.

Random Crappy Templates That Everyone Has

It is common for candidates to download any random template from the internet and use it for professional resumes, one of the most common mistakes made by job seekers.

A resume template has to reflect the individual’s personality and should be sophisticated enough to leave a good impression on the recruiter. Rather than going for just an eye-appealing, colorful template, go for one that brings professionalism to a resume.

Many top rated resume services provide certified professional templates. A suitable action would be to pick one from those rather than downloading any random template.

Formatting Mistakes

Resume format has a huge impact as far as the professionalism of a resume is concerned. If the quality of resume content is noteworthy, but it has formatting mistakes in font type and size, text alignment, line spacing, it will still lead to rejections.

Many candidates fail at impressing the recruiters with their resume format. They use unprofessional fonts, apply various font sizes, and do not bother to align the text or maintain equal line spacing.

A resume without a proper format looks unprofessional and undermines the quality of content in it. Work on the resume format to ensure that it never falls in the rejected category. Resume writing services can also help in formatting concerns.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical mistakes in the resume content are considered very unprofessional. Recruiters quickly note various small details in a resume, and grammatical mistakes never go unnoticed. In some cases, the grammatical errors in the resume content can alter the meaning of sentences, and a candidate may end up delivering something different than its actual meaning.

There are various techniques and methods to avoid grammatical mistakes in a resume. Proofreading a resume numerous times or hiring a credible resume writing service such as www.DoMyResume.NET are some quick methods.

Make Sure To Add A Digital Professional Network Link Onto Your Resume

Considering the rapid digital switch, it is necessary to add a profile link for a digital professional network like LinkedIn onto your resume. Candidates who don’t add their networking profile links in their resumes lower their chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

Senior resume writers at www.DoMyResume.NET encourage job seekers to not attempt to write their own resume, but hire a resume expert that has over 10 years experience writing resumes. Don't risk your career by writing your own resume.

Invalid Contact Details

Valid Contact Details are vital and should never be ignored. In many cases, a recruiter might want to communicate with the candidate for an interview call or to get some details. A candidate might lose an opportunity if the recruiter is unable to communicate due to invalid contact detail.

Getting an interview opportunity requires a top-level professional resume. A professional resume has to be an error-free resume.

Sometimes, the mistakes might seem little but their impact is huge and real and can cost an opportunity. It is advisable to consult with an established and well-known resume writing service or professional resume companies to avoid these common mistakes in the resumes.

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