Top 4 Resume Tips On How To Impress Every Potential Employer

Tired of not receiving a call back after an initial screening phone interview? Are your interviewers not impressed with your résumé? There may be loads of reasons behind why you are not getting a callback from a potential employer. According to most Hiring Managers, the reason they do not call a job seeker back is because there are problems with their résumé. In face of such stringent competition for one post alone, a candidate must tailor their résumé with utmost perfection in mind.

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Before that, you need to know what are the main criteria that make a résumé remarkable. Hiring managers will be receiving a lot of applicants and thus, they will have a pile of résumés on their hands.

To save time and look for the best candidates for the interviews and screening process, they keep in mind some pointers that help pick the best from the bunch.

Let us get more familiar with what these pointers and criteria are.

Make Your Résumé More Skimmable

A single vacant post receives about 538 résumés of interested applicants on average. That means 538 candidates who deem themselves eligible enough to qualify for the post. Recruiters and hiring managers seek to pick the best out of the stack by screening these résumés. Precision is the key if you want your résumé to pass the screening test.

Skills, qualifications, achievements, and experiences should be highlighted. Make them look catchy enough to grab the reader's attention when they first lay their eyes on them. That of course does not mean using bright colors and unique fonts as much as possible.

Your résumé should mention keywords that make you the best fit for the job. If you are applying for the post of a technical writer, accentuate your previous experiences, skills you possess, and qualifications that make you the best fit for the post. You need your résumé to be picked from the pile.

Mention previous projects you did that involved your technical writing skills. If you have previously worked as a waitress, mentioning the same will not be of much use so leave off irrelevant jobs. You can of course convey your additional experience in waitressing in the interview when the time is right.