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Should I Hire a Resume Writer to Write My Cover Letter?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

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If you want to stay ahead of the thousands of job applicants competing for high-paying jobs in corporate America, yes, you absolutely need to hire an expert cover letter writer to write you a high- caliber cover letter.

Speaking of cover letters, here is what our expert resume writers are always telling our clients: “Remember that not only is the recruitment officers and hiring managers reading your cover letter, but corporate level executives too. So your cover letter has to be extremely impressive all the time.”

Did they just say “corporate executives”?

Yes. You cannot just impress them with a well-decorated resume. Yes, they will check the university where you graduated from. They will care about the companies you worked for. But that’s just a minute portion of the screening round. What actually builds their enthusiasm towards inviting candidates for interview is first, the accomplishment section of your cover letter and second, the specific skills and abilities that you can offer them from your resume.

Now, when you send a cover letter to the employer, any idea where it really goes?

One of our professional resume writers from Tempe, Arizona once told one of our clients applying for a managerial position: “If your cover letter engages the reader and captures their interest, it goes to the boss’ inbox. If doesn’t, it goes to the recycle bin first, and then it will disappear forever once the trash bin is emptied.”

Cover letter is an eye opener. According to our professional cover letter writer, cover letters can actually makes a boss’ hot brewed coffee turn cold. That is, provided you will send them a cover letter in the first place that has the aroma to divert their time and focus on YOU! If you're curious about how the resume writing process works, watch the very cool video.

Here is some clever advice from a Resume Writing Company:

You should hire a resume writing agency to write your cover letter if one, you’re not good enough at marketing yourself; and two, if you can’t fit your 20 years worth of work experience in 500 words or less. Professional resume writers are great copywriters and excellent synopsis writers too. Resume writers can write cover letters that will catch the attention of the hiring managers. These writers know exactly what content a boss is looking for in a candidate’s cover letter.

Professional cover letter writers always go through the job description before creating the cover letter. For this reason, they can help position your profile in the right dire

ction. When you a hire a cover letter writer, you just allowed yourself to receive a phone call or email message for that interview. And that’s what we call bull’s eye.

Why Should I Hire a Certified Professional Resume Writing Company to Write My Cover Letter?

A cover letter is essential to your job application.

It is your elevator pitch. If it has to be written by you, make sure it speaks the real you. Our executive resume writing services have helped thousands of job seekers deliver impressive resumes and cover letters to the hiring manager’s inbox. Our data shows that most of those cover letters we’re not sent to the recycle bins – but to the boss’ computer screen.

If you need help with writting an appealing cover letter or resume, contact

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