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What Are The Pros and Cons Of Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service?

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Nowadays, perfection should be expected from job seekers. Aside from a more competitive sea of applicants, industry requirements are now stricter and more defined.

Therefore, having a resume and cover letter that not only boasts about your skills and talents, but also targets the specific job that you want, is necessary to even get called in for an interview.

Crafting a sharp and specific resume and cover letter could be hard work. However, it is a priority for any job hunter to create a killer resume before one even goes out and starts the job hunting process.

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For a chosen few, writing resumes is just a breeze. For many, it seems that they blank out when trying to make the perfect resume that will astonish the Hiring Manager. In these cases, a professional resume and cover letter writing service would be a perfect solution.

Pros of Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service:


The trend in Human Resource (HR) now is to wait until the perfect candidate comes along. Gone are the days when HR officers used to hire a good candidate that only had a good resume. Now, companies are willing to wait for the perfect applicant with the perfect resume to come along before hiring.

This means that for any applicant, a resume with clean and polished spelling, grammar, and style is needed in the resume. Quality in your resume can be interpreted as quality in your future work. A mistake in your grammar or a spelling oversight could be the killing stroke for your application.

A lot of jobs nowadays require a good command of the English language, both written and oral. Being able to write and communicate effectively is an important skill that needs to be mastered for jobs like marketing, sales, technical support, and management. Your resume and cover letter need to scream “impressive”, “powerful”, “influential”, and “unique”.


As job hunters become more competitive, so does their skill-set. Companies are also expanding their job descriptions as well as job duties. Employees are expected to do and know more now than ever before.

Impeccable grammar and writing skills on your resume is a sign for a company's HR department to consider you as a cut above the rest when choosing the right candidate. You will be perceived to be more adaptable in your job than other candidates.

For instance, tasks like creating your own reports, managing people, meeting clients, and presenting yourself in a professional manner are all part of the skill-set your resume implies (or doesn’t imply). This can be done by hiring the right professional resume and cover letter writing service that creates high quality work.

Trend Knowledge

For fresh graduates as well as those who have been out of the job market for a long time, being in the loop with the latest HR trends is tough.

Fortunately, great resume writing services are here just for that reason: they know what employers are looking for in a resume. They know industry trends and will craft a resume specially tailored for your industry.

Insider info is a huge bonus to you, and knowing this types of information is worth it if you plan on landing that dream job.

Find an Arizona resume writing professionals

Cons of Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Service:


As an unemployed job seeker, who is probably running low on cash, you might not have a lot of spare cash lying around. While hiring a professional resume writer will cost you, paying for a top rated professional resume writing service might be worth it.

In a way, approach it like you would approach buying a new suit for an interview: it's an investment for your future.

By evaluating your need for a professional resume writing service, you can determine if hiring a professional resume writer is for you. The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages, especially when a potential dream job is on the line. So what’s the solution? If you need resume help, DoMyResume.NET is available. We have been writing resumes for 35 years, and we understand what hiring managers are looking for and how to tell a story that conveys everything you bring to the table. Contact us for more information about our resume review and writing services.

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