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What Does A Powerful Resume Look Like?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Forget about all that advice that you’ve probably got from the grapevine about the requirements of a powerful resume. The majority of people claim to be “experts” when it comes to crafting a perfect resume. Because of the massive opportunities availed by the power of the internet, you’ll find almost every person claiming to be an “expert” in resume writing.

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Well, this isn’t the case. If you would like to get hired for that coveted job, you’ll have to craft a customized resume that not only showcases your key strengths, but one that’s powerful and perfectly written. A powerful resume is what will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Unfortunately, majority of job seekers use lackluster resumes that don’t impress their soon-to-be employers, therefore missing a crucial chance to get invited for an interview.

If you’re a job seeker or you simply want to get that coveted promotion at your workplace, you definitely need to craft a powerful resume. So, what does a powerful resume look like? Should it be a one page resume or two page resume? Or, should it be one that has all your qualifications? Well, here at Do My Resume.NET, our professional resume experts do industry research to ensure they showcase your greatest achievements that employers want to see.

Based on our findings, we provide you with insights that can help you craft a powerful resume that will get you invited for an interview if you are a job seeker or if you want to get promoted. There’s no point dipping on this one. Let’s dive in and find out how a powerful resume looks like.

Features of a Powerful Resume:

A powerful resume is one that will get noticed by the soon-to-be employer. Examples of powerful resumes written by professional resume experts. Remember, your soon-to-be employer may not have the time to read each and every resume for job applicants. Such an employer is likely to scan your resume to find out your key skills and strengths. So, a powerful resume is one that can be easily scanned by your prospective employer—to reveal your key skills and strengths.

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As a job seeker, you should always craft a resume with this information in mind. Here’s is what you should know about a powerful resume:

1. Should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes:

Your resume should be free from spellings and grammatical errors. Employers want to hire the best. A resume that has spelling and grammatical mistakes speaks volumes about the type of person you are—even before you meet the prospective employer. It shows that either you’re uneducated or you’re a careless person. This will automatically disqualify you from getting invited for interview.

2. Your Resume should be search engine optimized:

Do you really think that a Hiring Manager can look through over 300 resume a day? Think again. Companies are using software systems to scan your resume that automates the hiring process. It work like this. You fill out an online job application and upload your resume. Your resume then automatically gets scanned by a software system. The software system looks for keywords, buzz words, kickers, search phrases, and so on. If you resume passes the software system scan, your resume then gets emailed to the Hiring Manager. If your resume fails the software scan, your resume goes to the trash.

3. Should have a perfectly crafted personal profile:

Your personal profile should not only showcase your succinct qualifications, but how the qualifications you’ve earned will bring value to the company for the position that has been advertised. Besides that, your profile should highlight all your achievements and the experience you’ve acquired in your previous job. This way, you’ll be showing your soon-to-be employer that you can satisfactorily handle that job when given a chance.

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4. Should have apt use of Keywords:

Just the same way a search engine scans web pages on WWW while searching for a particular web page, so are the employers. Your probable employer may have several applicants for a particular advertised job. As a result of so many applicants, he/she may not have the time to read through every applicant’s resume. It’s your job to demonstrate to him that you’re qualified for the job—by choosing appropriate keywords that showcases your key skills and strengths. For your resume to endure the scanning process, proper choice of keywords is essential.

5. Should have a distinct elaboration of accomplishments:

A powerful resume should not only have succinct qualifications, but should also indicate your key accomplishments in your previous job. Employers would like to hire people who have brought about transformative feats in their previous jobs. You should clearly state this on your resume to further the confidence of your soon-to-be employer in you.

6. Should be legible:

The type of font you use, the font size, the margin setups and all other formatting features can either make your resume to be legible or not. A powerful resume is that which easy to read. This means that your choice of font, margins setup is very important—if you want that employer to understand what’s in your resume.

To conclude, it’s important to note that crafting a powerful resume isn’t a profession that any person can do. Majority of people who claim to be “experts” aren’t what you think they are. You may need to hire the services of a certified professional resume writer to craft for you a powerful resume. They understand what employers are looking out for in a job candidate. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding crafting powerful resumes.

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