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What Resume Writing Services Review Resumes for Free?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Let’s face it—when it comes to crafting a perfect resume or cover letter, or even updating existing ones, we all need some professional help. One thing’s for sure about resume writing: it may be easier to write a resume for someone else, but when it comes to yours, it is quite tricky. I’ve never figured out why.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Even good writers will tell you this: “I just can’t write a perfect resume for myself.” This is partly because, as a writer, you’re often too close to your own life story that you can’t write out a resume that’s objective enough to meet the goals of your soon-to-be employer.

And so, if you’re looking for a job or you want to get promoted, then you should have a third party resume service to proof read your resume, just to be sure that it’s highlighting the skills and job experiences that your prospective hiring manager is looking out for. But therein lies the catch—what resume companies will review your resume for FREE?

Do My Resume.NET in Gilbert and Peoria AZ reviews resumes for FREE!

Bearing in mind the significance of a resume, it’s wise to conduct some research first on who’s reviewing your resume if you want to make an impression with your hiring manager. There’s a lot of people who will lie to you and say that they can review your resume. However, when you’re in doubt, always bet on a professional certified resume writer.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Verify that the resume writing company is legitimate and has value. Research the company online by going to BBB, reading Google reviews, looking the company up on Yelp and so on. You’re now asking, “What Resume Writing Services Review Resumes For FREE?”

The answer is Do My Resume.NET.

At Do My Resume.NET, it doesn’t matter whether you have a successful career, or just starting out as a fresh job seeker, or you’d like to get promoted at your work place. We will review your resume at absolutely no cost.

How will we review your resume?

Good question. Here’s how we’ll review your resume at Do My Resume.NET:

1. We’ll review your resume format.

We will review the format of your resume and advice you which format—chronological or functional—is appropriate based on the job specifications.

2. We’ll review your resume to see whether it passes company’s software systems

Lots of companies use Application Tracking Software systems to screen through and get the best resumes that match key-words and skills from thousands of resumes. Therefore, at Do My Resume.NET, we’ll check and advice you whether your resume will pass a company’s ATS.

3. We’ll review your resume to check whether it has the proper keywords

Keywords are like lead magnets—they help to draw the attention of hiring managers to your resume. Without proper key words, it’s difficult for an employer to get attracted to your resume. Based on the job specifications, we’ll go through your resume and advice you on which key words to use so that you nail that job interview.

4. We’ll review whether your resume contains a powerful and correctly written career summary

Regardless of which type of job you’ve applied, what your hiring manager want in your resume is pretty much the same: a powerful and correctly written career summary that highlights jobs skills, experiences and other qualifications. At Do My Resume.NET, we’ll check your resume to ensure that it meets the requirements of the job that you’ve applied for.

5. We’ll review your resume to check if has specific core competencies

If you’re not sure which core competencies to include in your resume to entice an employer to invite you for an interview, you should contact us to go through your resume. Our professional certified resume writers will look at your resume and advice you whether it has captured the core competencies that an employer is looking out for or not.

6. We’ll verify whether your resume meets the PARW and NRWA industry standards

Do you want to find out whether your resume meets the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) and National Resume Writing Association (NRWA) industry standards? Well, at Do My Resume.NET, we have professional certified resume writers who will go through your resume to check whether it meets the PARW and NRWA industry standards or not.

If you’re interested in having your resume reviewed, then contact us at We are one of the largest and top-notch resume writing services in Peoria and Gilbert Arizona. We’ll be glad to help you with writing an astonishing resume that captures employer’s interest.

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