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Who Writes Professional Resumes for Military Veterans in Arizona?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Sample this: in your entire life you’ve lived and worked in ecosystems that are defined by military traditions. Whether you’ve been in Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and even Air Force, you must have been used to the bases, the installations, the submarines or even ships.

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You may have been deployed in unique locations worldwide. Despite all these accomplishments—and the military culture that you may have gotten adjusted to—you need to start planning on how you’ll transition to civilian life. You need a job to make money—and for that purpose, you’ll need a well-crafted resume. Truth be told—even the most decorated veterans have found transitioning to civilian life to be a difficult task.

The reason is simple. They can’t translate their peppered military experiences into a resume that civilian hiring managers can understand. Besides, you need a perfect and powerful resume if you’re in the military. If you’re on active duty, you’ve worked hard. And surely, you deserve to be promoted. Your seniors won’t just promote you. They’ll look at your resume to identify the military skills that you’ve gained.

You shouldn’t assume that promotions will be automatic. As a matter of fact, military jobs have become competitive—just like other civilian jobs. For you to be promoted, you’ll have to stand out from your peers. Your resume is the only marketing material that can help you stand out from your peers. That’s why we are here.

Find an Arizona resume writing professionals

Why should you choose Do My Resume.NET for your military resume writing service?

Do My Resume.NET is a Certified Professional Resume Writing Services Company with extensive years in resume writing for both civilians and military personnel. We’ve written thousands of professional resumes for both active duty military personnel and veterans. So, if you want to get promoted in your military career or if you’re on active duty, or wish to transition to civilian jobs—if you’re leaving the service or a veteran—then you know where to turn to.

Which branches of the Armed Forces do we write resumes for?

At Do My Resume.NET, we craft impeccable resumes for the following branches of the military personnel:

  • The Air Force

  • The Army

  • The Coast Guard

  • The Marine Corps

  • The Navy

  • The Active Duty Reservists

Which skills do we possess that will help your military resume stand out if you’re on active duty in the military?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “How do I explain my military skills that I’ve acquired to my seniors?” Or, “How can I excel in my military career?”

Well, at Do My Resume.NET, we empathize your situation. Here are resume writing skills that we bring to the table:

  • We’ll help you highlight your military technical skills. We understand that you’ve been trained in military jobs such as a telecommunication experts, law practitioners and medical doctors. We’ll help to highlight the technical skills in these careers to your seniors.

  • We’ll help you showcase your military interpersonal skills. We know that working with the military demands high-level interpersonal skills to help you work with different personalities—that range from high-ranking officers to the unit commanders, your teammates and other subordinates. We’ll help you highlight these skills to your superiors.

  • We’ll help you showcase your military leadership abilities. We’ll help you highlight any leadership experiences that may be required by your superiors to be considered for promotion.

How will we transition your military skills into a well-crafted civilian resume?

If you are leaving the service or you’re already a veteran, then crafting a resume that a civilian hiring manager understands isn’t a walk in the park. Here’s how Do My Resume.NET will help you transition your military skills into a perfect civilian resume:

  • We’ll help you define your civilian career objective. We’re aware that several veterans have created resumes that are too general, therefore being left out in the employment sector. That’s why we’ll soul-search various civilian occupations that match your military skills.

  • We’ll help you craft a resume that your prospective employer wants to see. We understand the language that your employer wants to see on your resume. That’s why we’ll help you write a resume that answers the question: “What can this veteran do for me?”

  • We’ll help you showcase your career achievements in the military that resonate with civilian jobs. Truth be told—touting your military accomplishments so that an average civilian understands can be complicated. At Do My Resume.NET we have experienced wordsmiths that will help you translate your military achievements for an average prospective civilian employer.

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