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Who Writes Resumes for Teachers & Professors in Arizona?

Teachers might be an inspirational source of knowledge, but the fact of the matter is – their knowledge is usually limited to a certain subject, or topic. That’s OK, though – they can’t know *everything*, and it’s better for everyone if teachers are really knowledgeable at a specific, narrow subject.

professional resume writers in AZ

That can also mean (but it’s not a rule, though), that teachers aren’t that good at writing resumes. Just like everyone else, they’re human beings, in need of a good working environment and a decent salary. They’ll switch universities, schools and colleges and look for places where they, too, can grow and upgrade their careers. The point is – teachers, too, need someone to write resumes for them.

So, who does it?

Educator types

First, let’s take a look at the different types of education titles we can find:

Schools are usually divided into elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, where children are grouped primarily based on their age. Teachers in elementary schools are usually called Elementary School Teachers, and are trained to develop human cognitive skills, as well as to help young ones develop psychologically.

The middle school is designed as a bridge between elementary schools and high schools. Its curriculum usually offers a little bit from both of these schools, and comprises of sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Teachers are usually called Middle School Teachers, and require at least a Bachelor’s degree, sometimes a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Grades Education. The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform says it’s a big bonus for these teachers to have basic knowledge of adolescent psychology.

professional resume writers in AZ

High School Teachers instruct students in grades 9 – 12, and are usually required to have a Bachelor’s degree. In some states, though, Master’s degree is also required. There’s an umbrella term for teachers working in these schools – K-12 teachers. K-12 stands for “kindergarten (4 – 6 years old) to 12-graders”.

After finishing high school, next stop is post-secondary education – the University, where you can go for either undergraduate or graduate education. Just after reaching the academic level, is when things really get complex with the positions. There are multiple academic levels (A [steps 1-8], B, C, D, E), that include Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Associate Professors, Instructors, Professors, Research Assistants, Research Associates, Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Associate Research Professors and Research Professors.

Who writes resumes for teachers in Arizona?

The point of all this written is to show just how complex the education industry is. Preparing a resume for a teacher’s position is no easy task, and with the budget in the US education industry surpassing $1 trillion (2007 figures), there are a lot of institutions, positions and workers involved.

The competition is stiff, and if you’re looking for a way through, you need to excel every step of the way. In Arizona, there are professional resume writers for teachers and professors. They are usually hired by teachers and other educational staff to write a professional-looking top-notch resume that will showcase all their experiences, knowledge and expertise in a simple and effective way.

These professional writers will make sure the resume is properly formatted, has all the necessary keywords and search phrases, so that their resume passes any ATS system and impresses the potential employer.

How big is the education market in Arizona?

The big question is – how many job opportunities are there in this US state? Well, according to figures from, there are quite a lot of job opportunities. There is a total of 227 public school districts in the state, with 2,421 schools. More than a million students (1,080,319) are attending these schools, and are being taught by 50,800 teachers.

Salaries in the state are also decent. According to, postsecondary business teachers earn more than the state’s average ($92,290, compared to the average of $89,100). Postsecondary English Language and Literature teachers also earn more than the state average ($72,440, compared to the average of $68,360).

On the other end of the spectrum are Special Education Teachers for secondary schools, earning up to $45,400. The average salary for this position is $60,410.

A noble calling

Besides being part of a fairly large and decently paid market, being a teacher is also a noble calling, and an important one – teachers are responsible for the shaping of tomorrow’s geniuses, big entrepreneurs, artists, explorers – they are, in good measure, responsible for the creation of the world of tomorrow. But they, too, need help from time to time – for example when they need a professionally-looking teachers resume written. And remember, only hire the best professional resume writing service in Arizona for Teachers!

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