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Government & State Resume Writing Services in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Since a resume is a written documentation of your education, experience and skills, some people take it lightly. This can be a serious mistake and can cost you the job you apply for.

It’s not enough to upload or send your government application, it has to meet certain requirements. This is especially evident when applying for state and local government positions. In order to create a powerful resume for government jobs, it’s strongly recommended to use professional resume writing services for government officials and job-seekers. The reason is quite simple.

Largest resume writing service in Arizona

Applying for a job in the private sector is rather different from applying for a job in the government sector. All the advice's and tips you know about writing your resume do not count here. You need to forget what you know about typical resume writing because this is a different story.

Government resumes that go into detail:

A government resume is very dissimilar from a private industry one. Usually, you would summarize your work history into a one-page document for a typical private section job application. With a government resume, you should be more detailed, having a multiple page document. Information is the same for both typical and government resume, difference being more depth about your skills and accomplishments.

We write resumes for different positions within government and offer resume services for state and local government officials. Some of the positions include, but not limited to:

Learning how to create a government resume can be a challenge and takes years to master. You need to present large amounts of information that will show you are the perfect fit for the job. This information must be presented in an organized way that will be easily scanned by both people and computer software.

Largest resume writing service in Arizona

This is of the utmost importance and probably the biggest reason to hire a professional resume writing service. As an increasing number of employers use computer software that scans resumes for certain keywords, they also need to be correctly formatted or structured to avoid elimination. That is why you need all the help to get past that phase. Don’t worry, Do My Resume.NET has you covered.

Tailoring your resume for government jobs:

There is far more work to be done than simply emailing an existing resume. Different positions require different approaches. Our certified professional government resume writers know what it takes to make a great government resume. They will bring your qualifications to life and effectively emphasize that the experience you have meets the desired job qualifications. They will reveal how your skills, experience, training and knowledge are equivalent to the employer’s needs.

For example, applying for a firefighter demands specific emphasis such as certifications and training.

These are crucial in the fire service and present key attributes in resume that require special acknowledgement.

Another example are resumes for high level government positions. These often include letter of competencies with three to five pages in length, describing an entire career. It serves as an addendum which can be an advantage if written and laid out by a professional. If you are a candidate with major career experience, then that experience comes to focus, making it as relevant as qualifications.

Essentially, your resume will be tailored so that it best reflects the language used to describe the position. With a professional resume writing service, there is also no danger of misspelled words or bad grammar, a significant step back in government resumes.

Benefits of having a professionally written government resume:

As many government agencies simplify their applications, expertise is much needed in order to stand out. There is a fine line between good and a great resume. A professionally written government resume allows you to accentuate your achievements and exhibit your competitive skills.

Emphasizing areas where your previous education or experience intercedes with the required duties and qualifications demonstrates your value, allowing you to leave a great first impression through your resume. A good resume goes a long way but a great resume goes all the way.

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