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Banking | Finance Professional Resume Writing Services in Arizona

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Even though many people still fear recession and its aftermath, choosing to stay away from the banking sector – it is actually quite a good industry to work in, at the moment. It has been almost five years now since banking in the United States caught up with pre-2007 levels. The banking sector is bringing in fresh blood, it’s growing and striving, making it a great choice for people looking for new, stable work.

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Even when it was in its lowest point, banking in the United States has been fiercely competitive. Nowadays, it’s no different, and today we will tell you which of the positions in the industry are most popular, and what professional resume writing service in Arizona can write resumes for finance and banking jobs.

Popular positions in the finance/banking field

The majority of hiring websites will tell you that Financial Analyst, Investment Accountant, Credit Analyst and Finance Intern are the four most popular positions in the banking industry, at the moment. These positions offer competitive work, great salaries and many benefits, making them an alluring opportunity for many job seekers. They are also the four most difficult positions to grab, which is why hiring the best professional financial and banking resume writing service in Phoenix AZ is crucial.

What to include in a finance or banking professional resume?

Obviously, any and all academic achievement is a must, and the higher – the better. When it comes to investment banking, and according to former Goldman Sachs trader, Peter Harrison, you need “at least a 2.1 degree and a pile of A grades at A Level. In the U.S.”, meaning 3.5 GPA, or higher. Besides academia, you will also need to list all of the different skills you possess. Analytical skills, as well as communication skills, are considered essential. The ability to communicate complicated ideas in a fast and simple manner is crucial to your success, so make sure you work on those, and emphasise them in your resume. And finally, the one thing every recruiter in the banking industry is looking for – Financial Literacy.

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What is Financial Literacy On A Resume

This one doesn’t come so often as, say, communications skills, but it is as important – if not *most* important. Financial literacy is basically knowing how money works in the world – knowing what an asset is, what liability is, and what is the difference between the two. Financial literacy also means knowing the difference between capital gains and cash flows, or how taxes and debt are used to increase one’s wealth. Having such knowledge can propel you through the industry much faster, as it is not as frequent. Make sure to list the best keywords to list on your finance and banking resume and cover letter, and to give it enough emphasis.

What to include in the cover letter?

Writing a professional cover letter for finance and banking jobs is no different than any other vertical. Recruiters want to see highly motivated individuals, ready to tackle any problem they might face. They want to see skilled, educated people, that strive under pressure and enjoy working in large teams. They want to see people with personalities, private lives, goals and aspirations. All the things that you can’t fit in your resume, but shows your motivation, drive and desire, should be found in the cover letter.

Hiring a professional resume writing service for finance and banking

Banking and finance is a highly competitive industry, where it is not easy to get a job. Everyone wants a piece of that pie, and if you’re not impressing your recruiters, you won’t be getting interview invites. The easiest way to impress your recruiters (and the first possible way, too), is by hiring a professional resume writing service in AZ that specializes in the banking and finance industry. That will be your recruiter’s first contact with you as a professional and as an individual, and that is your chance to shine.

By having a great banking and finance resume that shows both charisma and professionalism, you will become an irresistible candidate. If you are struggling writing both the resume or a cover letter, don’t hesitate to hire a professional – it is a small investment that will pay big dividends. And if you want to be a part of the finance industry, we’re guessing you know what an investment is.

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