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Where Should I Put My LinkedIn URL Address on my Resume?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Resume writing is this close to becoming a science in its own right – it is a long-lasting, tedious process that may very well determine your professional fate. It is thus no wonder that many job seekers are becoming increasingly frustrated, losing faith in what they’re doing, with some even thinking it makes no difference whatsoever what kind of resume you submit.

But make no mistake – it makes all the difference in the world, and even the slightest of changes could land you that job you’ve been dreaming of.

Phoenix AZ local resume professionals

One of the more frequent questions is, “should I put a photo on myself on my resume or not”?

Obviously, you should not, because automated systems (ATS) which many companies use to scan incoming resumes don’t recognize photos, will label the resume as invalid and eliminate it from the process right from the get-go. Another great question is, "where on my resume should I put my LinkedIn URL link?".

Where On Your Resume Should You Place Your LinkedIn URL Address/Link?

Correctly placing your custom LinkedIn URL address on your resume & cover letter could make or break the chances for an interview -- yes, really! Employers should quickly and easily be able to locate and click on your custom LinkedIn URL address on your resume. This means, you should first have a "custom" URL address. Secondly, you should insert your LinkedIn URL address directly underneath your name or to the right of your name. Don't forget to verify it is hyperlinked and easily clickable, otherwise, the Hiring Manager will move onto the next job-seeker that is detailed with every aspect of their resume and cover letter.

Companies ATS Systems Can Read LinkedIn URL's:

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) don’t recognize photos, images, charts, and graphs, but have no problems reading URLs and other links. That is why it is strongly encouraged to add a LinkedIn URL link to your resume and cover letter, where your potential employer can not only see your photo, but other information that didn’t make it into the resume.

Phoenix AZ local resume professionals

That information can include previous experiences unrelated to the position you’re applying for, your professional contacts, as well as various endorsements by your friends and colleagues. In terms of the actual placement of the link, the usual practice is to place your customer LinkedIn link at the top of the resume, together with the rest of your contact information, such as email, phone number or home address. LinkedIn is, among other things, also considered as a communications tool, and that is how you should treat it, as well.

What is LinkedIn?

In the simplest of definitions – LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. But this is not your average social network where people can see your drunken photos from last night, or your rant how the new Warcraft movie is much better than what the critics are saying.

LinkedIn is a professional site designed for business professionals, where members can connect to people they’ve worked, as well as those they’d like to work with. LinkedIn is a great place to see a person’s previous work experience and expertise, and to double-check if you could trust someone you’re thinking about working with.

Users get to create a profile page, just like they’d do on Twitter or Facebook, but instead of listing personal interests and creating photo galleries, users on LinkedIn list education and employment history, as well as their professional skills and expertise.

LinkedIn offers a couple of different profile tiers, including the Basic one which is free, and the subscription-based Premium one, allowing users to connect to a wider array of people and create professional groups.

What Company in Phoenix AZ Creates and Writes Professional LinkedIn Profiles?

Do My Resume.NET is a local writing agency that writes and creates professional LinkedIn profiles for job-seekers in Phoenix AZ and throughout the U.S. Do My Resume.NET works with entry level to high level executives to create a stunning custom LinkedIn profiles that help market career seekers to potential employers and hiring managers. By offering a professional LinkedIn writing service in Phoenix AZ, they have become the leading experts in building job seekers portfolios to manifest their greatest abilities.

Is It Important To Add A LinkedIn URL To Your Resume?

In short – yes. LinkedIn is, before everything else, a professional social network (and a professional one, at that), and it has been proven multiple times that employers do google you and look for you online before sending out that interview invitation. By offering a link to your professional online profile to your potential employer, you show two things:

  • That you’re aware of the latest trends in the industry

  • That you know how to present that extra info about you, without overwhelming the hiring manager with too much data

Hitting The ‘Sweet Spot’

It is extremely important to hit the ‘sweet spot’ with your resume. Before getting into the hands of the hiring manager, it will have to pass through the ATS system. The system will scan the resume for keywords and search phrases set up by the hiring manager, and curate a list of only those that fit the pre-defined criteria. It will also eliminate all the resumes it has trouble reading, like those that come with photos and images, or those that are created in unreadable fonts.

Only after a resume passes the ATS system, will an actual person read it. If the resume intrigues them, they will want to learn more, and their first step will most likely be your LinkedIn profile. That’s why it is very important to offer the link yourself, to make sure it is well-positioned, but also to make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and offers all the necessary information. This is why it's important to hire the best professional LinkedIn profile writing service in Peoria AZ.

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