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Who Writes Resumes for Law Enforcement Professionals?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

There are very few professionals as privileged as law enforcement and if you have determined to play your part in the society as a law enforcer, there are a few important guidelines that you must follow.

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So you understand the application process on how to apply for a law enforcement job, you have all the qualifications to apply for a specific law enforcement position, and you are pumped up for the physical tests, but to prove any of it, you need an opportunity. Law enforcement recruiters follow strict criteria that they must see on your resume. Do My Resume.NET is very familiar with these requirements and provides a world-class resume writing service for law enforcement professionals.

What are some of the most desirable law enforcement jobs?

Naturally, any able law enforcement candidate desires to work for the big police departments because there are lots of perks including handsome salaries, government authority, great scope of promotions, ongoing learning opportunities, etc. However, private agencies also offer enviable benefits, and don’t forget that your experience in non-government departments always looks good on your resume.

This tip works great for fresh candidates who do not have previous experience, so avail such opportunities and don’t chase after limited options. Here are some of the most prestigious law enforcement positions Do My Resume.NET writes resumes for:

  • Police Officer/ Deputy Sheriff resumes

  • Police Lieutenant resumes

  • Police Safety Trainer resumes

  • Security Operation Specialist resumes

  • Security Marshal/Bailiff resumes

  • FBI Special Agent resumes

  • DEA Special Agent resumes

  • ATF Special Agent resumes

  • ICE HSI Special Agent resumes

  • Secret Service Special Agent resumes

  • Diplomatic Security Special Agent resumes

  • Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBP) resumes

  • Border Patrol Agent resumes

  • Immigration Officer (FDNS) resumes

  • Deputy US Marshal resumes

  • Federal Air Marshal (FAM) resumes

  • US Postal Service Inspector resumes

  • Child Support Officer resumes

  • Investigator resumes

  • Special Agent resumes

  • Campus Security Officer resumes

  • Security Program Director resumes

  • Law Enforcement Recruiter resumes

Apart from that, law enforcement vacancies are announced throughout the year in Federal Agencies, Highway Patrol, Border Patrol and local security agencies.

What skills do you need to get a law enforcement job?

Physical fitness is the top most priority. If you want to see yourself marching with the squad, you must grind through exercises. The hiring managers really don’t expect your body measurements in the resume, but if you have served in the US military or as a coach at a gym, it will surely glisten their eyes. Apart from that, management, teamwork, and leadership skills account a great deal for your selection that must be underlined in your professional resume.

Find an Arizona resume writing professionals

Are cover letters important or should the resume do all the talking?

A cover letter is just as important for your job application as your resume. Wasting an entire page just to let the hiring manager know that your resume is attached is not a good call. Keep in mind that to get to your resume, hiring managers have to get through cover letters first, and if it is not worth reading, chances are that your resume will never get looked at. Writing cover letters is an art and requires a certain set of skills and knowledge. Now, do employers really want to see cover letters? Yes!

How to format your resume for law enforcement jobs?

Not formatting the resume according to law enforcement job requirements is one of the most innocent errors that can get your job application dumped, multiple times. So pay attention to these details when writing your law enforcement resume.

Job objectives on the front: As you know, law enforcement is a vast profession with diverse job types. So when you are applying for a specific job, use the job description from the advertisement to carve out your resume. It is a good practice to replace objectives with career summaries, but this department is an exception. But be concise and make every word count.

Mention Professional Training details: Usually, the job announcement enlists training courses required for the job. When writing this, try to connect on how these courses polished your law enforcement career, so that let the hiring agency know that you learned something through your training days. If the training courses involved provided you with a score or grader in addition to the certification, don’t forget to put your GPA as well. In the proper format, you would write the name of the institution where you undertook the training followed by the name of the courses and then your resulting score.

Write Experience and Promotions: These two aspects of your law enforcement resume go side-by-side. Employers prefer veterans who have extensive experience in the related fields. They give hiring managers an idea about your expertise and skills while your career promotions serve as an evidence of your leadership qualities and hard work.

Accomplishments: Job experience should highlight your teamwork, leadership, and overall achievements. For example, if you are applying for a law enforcement recruiter position, quantify the number of candidates that you evaluated for different firms. In this regard, your experience as a trainer also counts, so mention the number of candidates that you trained and supervised.

Extra Skills: Tell the employer how talented you are. This is an unrelated section but hiring managers always expect and consider your activities and interests in other than law enforcement positions. This can include your community services, computer proficiency, memberships with different organizations, scholarships you acquired and your travel experience among so many other avocations.

Note: Above highlights should reflect in your cover letter, but with a carefully measured quantity. Read the tips from Do My Resume.Net expert cover letter writers to know how it is done.

Don’t forget to optimize your resume for electronic screening test:

Including keywords used in law, crime and security to convince the employers that you are well-familiar with the field. This will not only create an impressive law enforcement resume but since electronic screening is becoming a rising trend, law enforcement keywords will maximize your chances of success.

Not sure you can write an astonishing law enforcement resume? Hire the best law enforcement resume writing service in Arizona:

Do My Resume.NET writes stellar resumes for law enforcement professionals with guaranteed interview calls. Our expert cover letter and resume writing professionals are 100% certified with decades of experience in law enforcement. Sometimes it takes an expert to make all the difference!

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