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Should I Use a Free Resume Building Software To Create My Resume Or Hire a Resume Service?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

In a highly-competitive world, there is nowhere better to boast about your skills than on your own personalized resume.

It is said that one should shy away from overly boasting about skills and achievements. However, the resume should be a place where all your skills and achievements are highlighted.

As such, creating a well-honed resume should be at the top of any job-seekers to do list. This could mean the difference between getting that interview schedule or your resume meeting the trash bin.

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3 Different Ways To Get a Resume:

With the vast amount of resume resources and resume writing services out there, one needs to ask: How do I go about getting a resume?

Write Your Own Resume: A lot of people opt to write their own resume. This gives them control over what goes in and out of their resume, and costs nothing, to boot.

Use Free Resume Building Software to Write Your Resume: There are also others who create their resume using free resume building software. These people take advantage of the free software that can be downloaded over the internet to create resumes for them.

Hire a Professional Resume Writing Service to Write Your Resume: A third type of people utilize the services of a professional resume writing company. These services do all the work for the job seeker while customizing the resume to fit the job desired.

What are the differences between resume building software and a professional resume writing service?

Benefits of Using a Free Resume Building Software:

1. Automation

Resume writing software offer grammar checks, spelling checks, phrase generators, and automatic arrangements.

2. Phrase and word database

These software gives you access to a database of phrases and words often believed to be effective in resumes.

3. Templates

The presence of templates is also a plus for technologically-challenged job seekers.

resume writing services in Phoenix Arizona

Disadvantages of Free Resume Building Software:

1. Cost

While there are free software, these only offer trial or demo versions of the software, which cuts you off vital information in your resume.

2. Features

For free software, some features are also missing, like saving to your desktop -- unless you buy the full version! Some also put watermarks on every page of your resume. Not quite what you want.

3. Generic

Ironically, the varied templates of free resume writing software actually breed generic outputs. Remember that you are not the only one using the free resume writing service. This makes your resume boring, generic, and too general -- lacking your style and flavor.

The verdict:

Free Resume writing software services should be avoided. The combination of risk, generic output, and limited features are not what you should look for when you want a resume. The free versions are cut off from necessary features, while the full versions will cost you money for a generic output.

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writing Service?

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Company:

1. Customized

A professional resume writing service offers customized solutions for any type of job. They will customize your resume to highlight your skills and talents, something that software can't do.

2. Insider info

A professional resume writing service knows the latest trends among human resource personnel. They know the language that the field uses and will surely apply that on your resume. There is a reason why they've been in business for so long.

3. Quality writing

Quality is a key to getting hired. Your resume will reflect that of you. By using a professional resume writing service, quality is assured for your resume. These services are very meticulous about grammar and spelling. They make it a priority to never leave a single line unchecked.

But of course, quality comes at a price. However, if you are planning to spend your hard-earned cash on a generic resume writing software, having it customized via a resume writing service is always better.

The verdict:

A resume writing service is better than a free resume writing software. You get expert advice, insider info, and customized resume for a fraction of the cost of pro versions of writing software.

If you treat your resume as an investment for your future, you will have an easier experience investing your time and resources into it. Don't let your resume be taken for granted. Make it stand out by doing your best to make it as customized as possible. Keep your eyes on the prize, and soon enough, your dream job will be in your fingertips.

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