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Why Is Do My Resume.NET The Best Resume Service In Phoenix AZ?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Would you like to hire a certified resume writer and you’re stuck in making a choice on which one to engage? Or, are you frustrated as a result of being turned away every time you apply for a job because of a badly crafted resume? If any of your answers above is yes, then you’ve just landed on the right page.

It’s very shattering to get turned away from a prospective employer, when you know very well that you have the necessary knowledge and skills required for the job. Or, not get that job promotion simply because your resume is poorly crafted. We understand your predicament. This is a scenario that you shouldn’t find yourself in.

professional resume writers in AZ

So, what should you do to get that desired job or promotion? It all begins with a well-penned resume that stands out from the rest of the competitors. Now, here is the problem: how do you know that the resume writer or the resume writing company, you’re hiring isn’t just after your money? You should know this; engaging a professional resume company who truly understands your prospective employer and industry is what will land you those interviews.

So, why Do My Resume.NET?

You truly deserve to have an incredibly written resume that guarantees you an interview or promotion at your workplace. So, what makes Do My Resume.NET special? Here’s what you should know about Do My Resume.NET:

#1: Highest Rated Reviews in Arizona

Customer reviews are important to research before hiring a resume writing service. Do My Resume.NET has the most positive customer reviews in all of Arizona than any other resume company. We have the highest rated and best quality resume writing service in AZ. Actually, we have over double positive reviews then our next competitor. See for yourself:

professional resume writers in AZ

#2: We are certified

Do My Resume.NET is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. They also have over 22 positive customer reviews on the BBB website from very happy clients. So, we truly understand the importance of an effective resume in a competitive job marketplace where employers want only the best—because we’re experts.

#3: We guarantee our service

We believe that you’re our important component in our business strategy, so customer satisfaction is our priority. In fact, we had an impressive 96.2% customer satisfaction rate in 2015. We intend to improve this rate to 100%. You can trust us to craft an impressive resume that will stand out from your competitors.

#4: Competitive and reasonable pricing resumes

We have the most competitive and reasonable fees in the industry. We charge our fees based on the client’s financial circumstances. We offer 3 levels of resumes (Level 1 Resume, Level 2 Resume and Level 3 Federal Resume) of pricing based on the clients financial conditions. So, depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you’ll always get the right pricing package from us.

#5: We provide samples of resumes

We have written thousands of resumes and have posted a few powerful resume examples on our website, We have a large database of resumes that we’ve developed over time. The resume we craft have clear strategies and brand messages that clearly outlines the clients’ qualifications and skills. So, when you engage us to craft for you a resume, you can be assured of a perfect work.

#6: Timely response

Our response time is unbeaten in this industry. We believe that “time is money”. So, whether you want to have a resume in a few hours, a few days, or are ok with a week, we work around your time to deliver your resume - we will deliver.

#7: We ensure that the resume is SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

At Do My Resume. NET, we believe that you can advertise your skills and qualifications on the internet. So, we ensure that the resume we craft not only allows you to land that coveted job or promotion, but also make sure your resume is search engine optimized.

Why is it important to make sure your resume is search engine optimized?

professional resume writers in AZ

Here’s why! When you apply for a job and upload your resume, it may get scanned by a software called “Applicant Tracking System”. This software system scans your resume looking for specific keywords. If you meet the criteria, your resume then goes to a Hiring Manager who will call you in for an interview. If your resume lacks details, information, improper buzz words or search phrases, your resume goes to the trash. This is becoming more common with companies to help automate the hiring process.

#7: Experience

Our professional team is experienced in this field. Every individual professional resume writer at Do My Resume.NET has a minimum of 8 years of experience in resume writing. So, we have enough experience in this field to craft your perfect resume.

#8: Research

Our resume writers always research the proper keywords that employers are looking for in your resume. We assure that we will craft that resume which employers are looking out for.

#9: Standards

At Do My Resume.NET, we always ensure that the resume that is written is in accordance to the standards set forth by the resume writing governing bodies, PARW and NRWA.

#10: We focus on target resumes

We always put you—the client in perspective while writing a resume. So, the resume we write will focus on the theme you’d like to showcase to your prospective employer and all the measurable achievements that you’d like to be captured in your resume.

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