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Who’s Ranked Best Resume Writing Service for Executives in Phoenix AZ?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

When it comes to writing resumes for executive and c-level leaders, one thing’s for sure—you should go beyond just providing your academic qualifications, job experiences and achievements. Before beginning to dust off your old executive or c-level resume in anticipation for promotion, you should know that merely updating it to reflect your career history won’t take you anywhere in so far as today’s executive job search is concerned.

While a good resume can nail you that middle to upper-level management job interview, it won’t get you into an executive or C-level job position. Bearing that in mind, I know you’re thinking, “How unique are executive resumes?” Keep reading.

professional resume writers in AZ

What an executive resume is and what it isn’t

Here’s a checklist for must-haves that should be included in an executive or c-level resume:

#1: It should have an online presence

Here’s a fact: a vast majority of hiring managers are now sourcing and assessing executives and other c-level managers using online tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other social media platforms. This means that your paper resume won’t be your first introduction to hiring managers (this may work for other resumes). Therefore, your executive resume should have a strong web presence if you wish to get noticed.

#2: It should have strong leadership skills

While the threshold of leadership skills may be low in an ordinary resume, an executive or a c-level resume should demonstrate one’s ability to lead. In fact, your hiring managers would like to find out whether you can demonstrate how you turned around the companies that you’ve been leading in your previous jobs. Without a clear demonstration of strong leadership skills, your resume will be placed in a dustbin.

#3: It has a well-defined value proposition

Creating value proposition in your executive or c-level resume is like developing a personal brand. This is because your prospective employers would like to know the type of person you are and why they should consider you for that executive job. Put simply, a well-defined value proposition should answer the question, “What are you bringing to the company?” in an executive or c-level resume.

professional resume writers in AZ

#4: It should have a consistent theme

If you’ve created a clear value proposition, you must ensure it’s consistent throughout the rest of your executive resume. For instance, if you stated that you’re great with turnaround strategies, then you should demonstrate throughout the resume of these strategies. For example, you should state the results that you achieved in your previous jobs.

#5: Include Testimonials

Including testimonials in your executive resume is an excellent way to prove to your employer that you can handle the executive job. You should include the quotes and other testimonials from your previous bosses, customers and colleagues to demonstrate to your employer that you’re equal to the task.

Now that you’ve learned what should be included in an executive and c-level resume, it’s now time to answer the question:

I know there are numerous resume writing services that provide professional resume writing in Arizona. But the question that you should ask yourself is: Can they craft effective executive or c-level resume that promotes my bottom line?

To help you out, you should consider hiring an executive level professional resume writing service that has extensive experience in writing resumes for executive and c-level job seekers with positive customer feedback. If you’re in Phoenix Arizona, Do My Resume.NET is one such company.

Which type of executive or c-level resumes do we write?

We specialize in writing resumes for, but not limited to, the following executive titles:

  • President and CEO Resumes

  • Chairman Resumes

  • Chairwomen Resume

  • Board of Directors Resumes

  • CEO - Chief Executive Officer Resumes

  • CEO and Founder Resumes

  • President and COO

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Resumes

  • Executive Vice President (EVP) Resumes

  • Vice President (VP) Resumes

  • Assistant Vice President (AVP) Resumes

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Resumes

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resumes

  • Chief Investments Officer (CIO) Resumes

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Resumes

  • Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Resumes

  • Chief Adminstrative Officer (CAO) Resumes

  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Resumes

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Resumes

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Resumes

  • Executive Director Resumes

  • Senior Partner Resumes

  • Managing Director Resumes

  • Managing Partner Resumes

  • Regional Manager Resumes

  • Branch Manager Resumes

Why Do My Resume.NET Is Ranked The Best

Here are reasons why Do My Resume.NET is ranked the best when it comes to writing resumes for executives and c-level leaders:

  • We always produce executive resumes that are search engine optimized. We’ll ensure that your executive resume is not only searchable but also ranks higher when companies run your resume through their software systems.

  • We’ll highlight your strong leadership skills on the executive resume. We know that leadership skills are vital if you’re applying for an executive job. That’s why our priority is ensuring that your hiring manager gets to know these skills.

  • We’ll develop a value proposition on your executive resume that creates a personal brand that employers want.

  • We’ll ensure that we craft a theme that’s consistent concerning your value proposition.

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