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What Information Should Be Included on a Resume for Sales | Marketing Professional?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It's ironic that despite understanding the art and science of selling products and services, so many marketers are finding it difficult to market themselves. Sales and marketing jobs can be exhilarating, rewarding, and lucrative—but landing one is proving to be highly competitive and challenging for most marketers.

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Reason? Poorly written sales and marketing resumes that can’t entice hiring managers in the face of fast-paced, ever-evolving and complex IT that has changed the sales and marketing industry. As a matter of fact, sales and marketing experts who’ve mastered what the industry wants and can craft their resumes to fit the industry are earning more than twice the medium for all other workers.

Because of the rewarding nature of these jobs, it’s becoming extremely challenging for most job seekers to get employed into in the industry on account of poorly crafted marketing and sales resumes. This is why so many job-seekers are having their sales and marketing resumes professionally written by a certified professional resume writing service.

So, what vital information should be written on a resume for sales and marketing job seekers?

In this blog article, we explore what features helps your sales and marketing resume to stand out. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

What features helps your sales and marketing resume to stick out?

Here are vital elements that should be included in your resume to make it stand out.

#1: Know your “Metric | Numbers.”

When you've been in sales or marketing positions, you know you were hired to do one thing; drive more customers to call or visit the companies webite in order to increase revenue. This means companies expect, no, demand to see metrics on your resume that showcase how you've increased revenue for the company.

A sales and marketing resume should have a bountilful amounts of $ and % included as a drect relation to what you did and how you did it.

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#2: Know your “Persona profiles.”

In sales and marketing, you can never start a marketing campaign unless you know who your target audience—what’s commonly referred to as persona profiles—is. The same principle applies to sales and marketing resumes. Once you know who your target audience is, you can craft your resume to ensure it fits what your hiring manager wants.

To achieve this, you should think about the type of the marketing job that has been advertised and the company that you're hoping to work for. Before you begin crafting such as resume, you should ask yourself questions such as “Does the job require inbound marketing skills?” or, does it require both the traditional and Internet marketing skills? Who is the hiring manager? Is it a startup, small or established firm?

Asking yourself these questions will help you to know what skills and traits to highlight on your resume, the type of keywords that you should use on your resume and which background job experiences you can provide to help convince your prospective hiring manager that you’re equal to the task.

#3: What is your value proposition?

Defining a value proposition helps you to stand out from the rest of your competitors. You’ve definitely honed a unique mixture of skills, traits, and other job experiences that make you different from other marketers. For you to create a truly impressive sales and marketing resume, you need to define exactly what this unique mixture is in your resume—this is what we call a value proposition.

For instance, are you an expert in marketing analytics? Or, do you have marketing abilities that create tantalizing headlines? Perhaps, you’re good at creating compelling videos. Or, maybe you’re good at social media marketing. Whatever your value proposition is, it’s vital to bring it out in your sales and marketing resume.

In most cases, your value proposition will rely on the type of the job positions and the organizations that you're targeting. For instance, large and small companies may demand an entirely different set of skills, that should be highlighted in a sales and marketing resume.

#4: What is your messaging strategy in the sales and marketing resume?

Just like when you’re running a marketing campaign, a perfectly crafted sales and marketing resume should have the right messaging strategy. If possible, you should ask yourself the following questions when thinking about the messaging strategy:

  • Which best structure of a resume should I use to bring out my value proposition?

  • Which keywords will my prospective hiring manager be looking for?

  • How can I give real world examples of my value proposition the resume? (For instance, you can think about the marketing campaigns that you've run on social media and their successes, the ideas you developed while running these campaigns, etc.)

  • What resume writing layout and design can reinforce my message?

Any decision that you take should be made with your target audience in mind. This way, you can be sure that when the hiring managers read your marketing resume, it will immediately entice them to call you for an interview.

#5: Will my sales and marketing resume pass through the company’s ATS?

Here's how most businesses recruitment system work: You upload your sales and marketing resume, it’s then scanned for the relevant keywords which have been programmed by the recruiter. Once the system has scanned the words on your resume, it will either “pass” or “fail” you.

Now, if you fail, then no hiring manager will ever read your sales and marketing resume, even if you’re more than qualified for the job. This means that your sales and marketing resume should have the right keywords that highlight all your honed skills, job experiences, qualifications and other traits that a hiring manager wants in a resume.

Bottom Line

Crafting a perfect sales and marketing resume is just like marketing. As sales and marketing expert, you’ve honed valuable skills for communication and understanding what makes your customers buy your products or services. When you apply this knowledge in your own resume, you’ll easily stick out from your competitors.

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