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Who Reviews and Proofreads Resumes for Free in Phoenix AZ?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Proofreading and reviewing written content is essential to pretty much any business involving a pen and a paper (or, in a more contemporary fashion, a keyboard and a screen). Having an error-free paper, regardless of the topic, will have you looking more professional and credible.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Take journalism, for example – every college professor will tell you three extremely important things when writing news is to 1) proofread, 2) proofread; and 3) (you’ll never guess this one) – proofread. For job seekers, writing an engaging resume is no different than writing a story is for a journalist – it’s essential to their success.

But for job seekers, it’s more than just looking professional and credible. Having an error-free resume can mean the difference between getting called in for an interview or not. You must be thinking there isn’t a single human being that would eliminate a client with great potential, because of a spelling mistake. You’re probably right, and that’s exactly my point.

Automated Systems Care About Spelling

Unlike news stories, that ‘only’ need to pass the editor’s harsh criticism, resumes need also pass through the Applicant Tracking Software System (ATS System) – a computer program which essentially eliminates all the resumes that don’t fit the criteria set up by the hiring manager.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

That criteria are based on a couple of factors, including keywords and search phrases.

For example – if a company is looking for a web designer, the ATS system will eliminate all the resumes that don’t contain that keyword. If you’ve written ‘web desginer’ by accident, you will get eliminated, as well. That’s one reason why you should have your resume reviewed by a professional resume genius.

Another reason is that ATS Systems are also quite unforgiving in terms of formatting. Add anything that it doesn’t recognize, and it will eliminate you. For the untrained individual, that can mean even ‘the slightest of changes’, such as fonts used in the resume, or having a photo in a resume or not.

But don’t think you can trick the ATS system by submitting an incoherent resume full of keywords and search phrases. All it does is eliminate the obviously useless ones, making the job easier for the humans in the process.

After elimination, those that remain will still be reviewed by the hiring manager.

What professional resume services in Phoenix AZ reviews resumes for free?

If you’re looking to get your resume reviewed for free in Phoenix, Arizona, so that it stands a much better chance going through the ATS and to the hiring manager, potentially even landing you that job, you can send your resume to DoMyResume.NET.

Do My Resume.NET reviews resumes for free in Phoenix AZ and the surrounding cities. Do My Resume.NET is the biggest, most popular, well-established and respected professional resume writing company. Do My Resume.NET can review your resume for free and provide you with detailed feedback, in both the state of Arizona, as well as elsewhere in the United States.

Besides reviewing and proofreading your resume for free, they will also upload it to the ATS system that employers use, to check for any errors and elimination factors, and test for passing scores.

Leave nothing to chance

Building and submitting a resume should not be taken lightly – it’s an important first step in starting your new career, or advancing in your current one. Attention to detail is key – even the slightest of errors can cause the ATS System to trigger, eliminating you from the process.

Even if the company you’re applying to does not use an automated system, your application will still be read by a hiring manager, or a member of the HR staff, and you’d want it to be professionally written.

By leaving this important work to true resume professionals, you can make sure your resume ticks all the right boxes and presents you in the best light possible. Let a resume expert proofread and review your resume for free in Phoenix AZ or any other state you may reside in.

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