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What Are Some Examples Of Professionally Written Resumes?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Take a moment and think about the first thing people search for when they need to write an astonishing resume. According to Google Adwords, the most searched phrase containing the word Resume is “Good Resume Examples.” Indeed, what can be more self-explanatory and informative, than an example of an amazing resume written by a professional resume writer?

Find an Arizona resume writing professionals

What are some examples of Professionally Written Resumes and Cover Letters?

The internet is limitless, and so is the information you can find in it. Sadly, not all of it is reliable and up to date. Some advice provided in tutorial articles can even harm your resume instead of benefiting. People’s tastes vary, but there are always some guidelines that should be followed and will be appealing to any hiring manager.

A Resume is the first impression and a Cover Letter is what allows your interviewer to learn about your real motives for applying. An impressive and professionally written resume can increase your chances of landing the job by up to 40%. Check out some of these incredible professionally written resume examples to get a better understanding of how a great resume should look.

What do professional resume writing services do?

Having your resume written or at least have your resume reviewed for FREE by a professional resume writing service is extremely valuable. Job searching itself is quite an expensive and time-consuming process. If you think, simply creating a resume and a cover letter and spamming all the companies in the industry will get you hired, you are too optimistic.

Find an Arizona resume writing professionals

After a while, when you realize that the number of calls for job interviews is not increasing, it's time to make a change. Don't be afraid to make adjustments in your resume or even rewrite it completely. Professional resume writing services can help you rise among the others; they know which information is more valuable and where it should be placed. Professional resume writers understand the proper action words, power words, and metrics to include in your cover letter and resume. It is definitely worth the money.

And last, but not the least, having a well-written resume increases not only your chances of getting hired; it also increases the amount of potential salary you can receive.

How does a professional resume writing service work?

Market research: To get the most attractive resume, writers firstly explore the industry and the current trends in it. Tendencies of a great resume change every day and professionals spend a big amount of their time to examine them. Without that information it is impossible to be successful in their job.

Content: While many of us may believe that the English skills we have do not need to be checked, it's not always so. While you might have made an A at your High School English Class, that still does not make you a professional writer. Finding the right words and catchy phrases to market yourself, your achievements and experience is not an easy task. For professional resume writers it is a full-time job. They are more than qualified to give your hiring manager what they strive to see.

Formatting and placement: It’s not just the content they are writing. Formatting and the right order of the information are maybe even more significant than the content itself. With the correct placement of your best qualities, font style and structuring it can become a masterpiece.

Who is the best and largest professional resume writing service in Peoria AZ?

According to Business Insider, it takes just 6 seconds for the recruiter to look through a resume and put it on a big pile of papers written by other candidates. The importance of those six seconds is essential. They break the existing equal chances for all candidates. This is another example why writing a resume should be taken seriously or ideally handled by a professional.

However one question still remains: whom should I trust with a vital job of writing the ticket to my dream job? Check out “Do My Resume.NET.” With over 4,900 written resumes and 4,100 cover letters, they are simply the best professional resume service in Arizona and the United States.

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