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The Truth About Cover Letters And What Hiring Managers Love!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

How many job recruiters and hiring manager require a cover letter?

It’s estimated that 71% of companies and hiring manager demand career-seekers to hand in a cover letter when they apply for a specific position within the company. Back in 2010, it was only estimated to be around 66%. Why the sudden change in requiring applicants to write cover letters? The reason stems from a tough job market where competition is fierce. Hiring Manager wants to see which job seeker stands out from the crowd and they do this by filtering through cover letters.

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If you submit a cover letter, will a recruiter actually read it?

In past, recruiters had no time to read cover letters, and some of the most important questions were postponed for the interviews. Nowadays, recruiters want to see a distinction between those who just submit a resume and those who submit a cover letter along with their resume. Recruiters are really looking for job seekers who took the time and gently tailored their cover letter to the job posting. However, some companies have even stopped asking for cover letters altogether.

But that’s exactly why it became even more important to have a well-written cover letter tailored for the specific job you’re interested in. If hiring managers want to see your cover letter, they will ask for it and they will read it.

Make the potential employer enjoy your cover letter!

To make the recruiter enjoy your cover letter, you have to make them read it in the first place. This is done by adding the job title and the name of the company you’re applying for in the cover letter. This shows the employers you know what specific position you are applying for and you took the time to read the job advertising.

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Here are several other tips on how to entice an employer to read your cover letter:

1. Keep it Short: Don’t stuff your motivation letter with tons of useless and generic information. Try to keep your cover letter to only 2-3 paragraphs and use bullet points to showcase your achievements.

2. Use examples of your success's: Instead of saying what can you do, say what you have done. Bring examples when your actions gave some benefit to your company. Highlight your ability to work under pressure and still have incredible productivity.

3. Make it personal and unique: If you created a generic and templated cover letter that uses words like “interpersonal savvy, great communicator, works well with others, team player”, you are doomed. Hiring managers hate to receive these cover letters and won’t call you in for an interview. Include specific information about the enterprise themselves or even address the recruiter. Always keep in mind that your primary goal is not to persuade the hiring manager to hire you, it’s earning the invitation to the interview.

What hiring managers expect to see in your cover letter?

Motivation: If you are not new to the job market, you might remember that cover letters were once called motivation letters. The first thing that interests the recruiter is your enthusiasm and drive to work for their company.

Accomplishments, Awards, and Metrics: Being a professional is crucial, but showcasing a great deal of success is even more crucial. Companies hire someone because they want a return on their investment (ROI). Show the employers how you streamlined processes, decreased turn-over rates, and built revenue. Demonstrate in your cover letter that your a doer and achiever with lots of numbers to back it up.

Long-term growth and commitment: A great company is looking for a long-term relationship and commitment from the individual they hire. They know they are going to train you for the job and spend lot's of money to do so. This is why it's important for them to get a feel for a long-term relationship when they read your cover letter.

Note: According to, 94% of companies use social media for recruiting and 89% have used LinkedIn for hiring at least once. Make the calculations.

Still confused? You can always hire a professional resume and cover letter service. Now you're asking, "how does a resume writing service work". They are not expensive either, especially considering how much money one small investment in having your resume professionally evaluated can earn you in future.

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