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Are You Making Less Money Because Of Your Resume?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nobody wants to make less money when they can make more. Still, the truth is your resume can hurt you in that regard. Either you are selling yourself short or too much, your resume is the reason behind it. It’s the direct link to your salary, depending how well you present yourself in it.

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Four reasons why you’re making less money because of your resume.

1. You’re resume is not marketing you correctly:

In today’s world of increasingly fierce competition, marketing yourself is everything if you want to stand out. A resume is not just about listing your accomplishments and qualifications, it’s about selling yourself as the perfect pick.

Having a professionally written compelling and focused resume will entice hiring managers to read further and up your chances for an interview. Lots of people make a common mistake of being complacent with their resume. This hurts your chances as well as it hurts your potential income.

That is why hiring a qualified professional resume writing service is the best thing you can do for your resume. Professional writers have the finesse and expertise to advertise you effectively.

Largest resume writing service in Arizona

They will design a resume that will be relevant and captivating and catch the eye of hiring managers. This way, you will have a stand-out resume and more likely avoid rejection.

2. You have a poorly written resume, even with lots of experience and skills:

As said before, a resume is not simply listing information in certain structured templates. Because of that reasoning, candidates are getting rejected constantly even if they are more than qualified. If you present yourself as a blurb of information, your resume is headed for the trash bin. Sure, you have lots of experience, you possess the right skills and your accomplishments are aplenty, but that isn’t enough. You will simply be deemed not worth pursuing compared to the competition.

There is more than meets the eye in writing a great award-winning resume. It needs to portray you as an exceptional candidate, not just as an average one to excite a hiring manager. Specific, highly relevant resumes with the right highlights will do the trick, especially when you have something to show for.

3. Why you are underemployed, even with degrees and knowledge:

Your resume is a reflection of you and not having a powerful resume costs many job seekers lots of money throughout their career.

The U.S. underemployment rate was at 4.9 percent in June 2016. That means almost every seventh employed person is underemployed. Main reason for this is not having a strong, well-written resume and cover letter that accentuate your advantages. This includes having relevant keywords to pass the screening software that many companies and organisations use.

Regardless of experience or education, many people make the mistake of turning in their resume without making a serious effort. This is especially evident for high paying jobs, where having a high level executive powerful and professional resume is essential. While certainly a strong factor, all your knowledge and degrees alone won’t cut it. You need to have a noticeable resume that will impress in a number of ways, all the while emphasizing your strengths and advantages as the best candidate.

4. Your resume is not thinking like a hiring manager:

What you may see redundant or necessary in your resume, a hiring manager may see differently. Thought process is different on the receiving end of resume sending. Hiring managers look at your resume from a different angle than you.

They demand for certain things to be in your resume, grading your potential as a candidate off it. You will either make a good enough impression to earn a call or you will have missed an opportunity. Outsourcing to certified professionals to write your resume can be the deciding factor in getting job interviews.

In fact, it’s strongly encouraged by hiring managers themselves. It shows them that you are willing to make an extra effort to get the job you are after. Basically, this tells hiring managers that you are presenting yourself in the utmost professional manner and understanding the needs and image of the company or organisation you are applying for. Not being content with your resume and seeking professional help will maximize your chances every time.

Make more money by hiring a certified professional resume writing company:

If you keep getting turned down for jobs that you know you’re qualified for, maybe it’s time to conclude that your resume isn't doing its job. There are professional writers who can make your resume a winner. You cannot afford to lose money because of an insufficient resume when there is professional resume writing help in Phoenix AZ easily available. This way, your resume won’t be cast aside in favor of other applicants and it will separate you from them, making that dream job one step closer.

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