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Resume Services for Firefighters, EMT's, & First Responders in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Our nation’s biggest heroes are the people risking their lives to help and save others. Firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMT), and first responders, are among those people who selflessly charge, head on, into dangerous situations, to help their fellow men and women.

Even though it’s essential, just the desire to help others is not enough to be a part of the team. People looking to become a firefighter, an EMT, or a first responder, need to have proper qualifications and hire a professional resume writing service in AZ for first respondersthat specialize in writing compelling firefighters, EMT, and first responders resumes and cover letters. After all, they need to show their superiors they are competent – lives are at stake here.

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That’s why it is important for these kinds of professionals to have a well-written first responders resume which will highlight these qualifications in the right way. Below you will find the essentials of writing a professional resume for firefighters, EMT's, and first responders.

The basics: Creating a Professional Resume for First Responders:

Your first step to creating the best resume for firefighters, EMTs and first responders is understanding who will be reading the resume. Before it actually gets into the hands of a hiring manager, it will be scanned by an automated resume scanning system – a software.

This software is the first gate, where many resumes will be filtered out, and it bases its decisions on who goes and who stays on keywords included in the resume. It is crucial to have the right keywords.

No matter how different these jobs seem, they have some common requirements, which means some keywords will be the same for all three positions. Working under pressure, being physically fit and being able to make analytical judgements in a blink of an eye are some of them. Make sure to write them down properly and avoid making any typos – they can make the software eliminate the resume.

  • Basic life support (BLS)

  • Communication

  • Analytical Judgement

  • Problem Solving

  • CPR certified/trained

  • Training

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These are just a couple of useful examples, to get your creative juices flowing. By no means should you limit yourself to just these.

Resumes for Firefighters

After going through the joint basics, it is time to move to specific positions. Automated resume tracking systems, as well as hiring managers, will want to know if you had any previous experience or training in the field which might prove useful for the team. If you’ve had such experiences (and we’ll presume you have), it is important to list them properly. Some of the keywords you should be including in a firefighters resume are:

  • Rescue operations

  • Hazardous material management

  • Extinguishers training

  • Fire safety training

  • Investigation

  • Firefighting training

However, being a firefighter is more than rescuing cats from trees and running into blazing buildings, pulling out people in distress. Being a firefighter also involves a lot of paperwork and administration, and if you have the right skills, training and experience, you could be offered a firefighter office position.

In that case, make sure you include keywords like:

  • Attention to details

  • Planning

  • Keeping records

  • Communications skills

  • Technology skills

  • Organized

Resumes for EMTs

Being an emergency medical technician means you’ll mostly be coming across people with serious health conditions. That’s the reason why EMT resumes should have proper keywordsto highlight your job qualifications. With a split-second decision making the difference between a normal life and possible death of the patient, it is important for you to convince your employer (and the scanning system) that you have what it takes. Extensive knowledge of the human body, of advanced medical terminology and equipment, as well as being able to adapt to any situations, is crucial for a good EMT.

With that in mind, some of the main keywords to have are:

  • Advanced human anatomy knowledge

  • Skilled at advanced medical technology

  • Revival techniques

  • Great at handing stressful situations

  • Interview skills (this one is extremely important – being able to ask friends, family, witnesses and the patient the right questions can prove invaluable when it comes to applying proper treatment)

Resumes for First Responders

Just as the name suggests, first responders are those emergency service employees who are the first to come to a scene of an emergency, be it a car accident, a hurricane or a factory explosion. They could be anyone, from paramedics, EMTs, to policemen, firefighters – the most important part is that they are certified to provide pre-hospital care. This should also be your number one keyword if you are looking for a job in this profession. Other keywords include:

  • Carrying excess weight

  • Trauma care

  • Climbing

  • Immobilizing patients

  • Rescue operations

  • Teamwork

  • Using breathing apparatus (SCBA)

People working at emergency services are our true heroes. But when you rush into an emergency scene, you’re not just putting your own life on the line. The lives of the people in danger are also on the line, and that’s something no hiring manger wants to have on their chest. That’s why it is very important to show your superiors that you have what it takes to succeed in this business, and the best way to do it is through properly worded, quality keywords for firefighters, EMTs and first responders resumes.

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