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Where On My Resume Should I List Awards, Certificates, Degrees, Licenses?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Every resume must contain a job seekers degrees, certificates, licenses, awards, and achievements since they provide information about the job seekers qualifications. Some of the best resume writing preparation services in Arizona will advise you to place your certificates, degrees, awards, etc. at the top of your resume while others advise to place this information at the bottom. In this article, we’ll show you where to place your degrees, certificates, licenses, and awards and what it depends on.

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When Should I List Awards, Certificates, Licenses At The Bottom Of My Resume?

Most of the employers and hiring managers want to see a resume that states a candidate’s skills, abilities and accomplishments. Having a degree or a list of awards doesn’t tell them much about the candidate’s professionalism and performance. What they crave is to see results, how the candidate achieved his/her goals. It is best to list awards, certificates, degrees and licenses at the bottom of a resume after providing information about work experience.

When Should I List Awards, Certificates, Licenses At The Top Of My Resume?

High school graduates and college graduates find it discouraging to see a job posting that requires years of experience. The chances of landing an interview are small and the job position seems to be unreachable. But, is it?

If your education, certifications, and licenses outweigh your hands-on professional work experience, then list your education, certificates, degrees, and licenses at the top of your resume!

Should I List All My Awards, Honors, & Certifications?

One thing to be careful about is that degrees, certificates, licenses, and other accomplishments are job related. Irrelevant information doesn’t help much and marks a candidate unsuitable for the applied job position. Wasting hiring managers’ time annoys them. Having a CPR certification and applying for an accounting and financial control director position doesn’t bring much hope. It would be better not to list it and mention it during an interview if a hiring manager wants to hear more.

How Should I List Degrees Or Training's In Progress On My Resume?

Many candidates avoid listing degrees and training's in progress, even job related ones. These degrees and training's tell about a candidate’s professional development and a hiring manager gets an insight into the hard skills the candidate will obtain. Listing them at the bottom of a resume in a separate section increases the candidate’s chances to be considered for the job. It is important to add the date of completion, or simply put ‘’in progress.’’

Develop Your Resume According To The Job Posting Requirements

Not only do job postings list job requirements, but they also provide candidates with much information for their resume expectations. When seeking the top rated professional resume writing companies in Arizona,they thoroughly examine the job posting a candidate wants to apply for in order to get as much information as possible. It contains keywords hiring managers look for and also information on whether hiring managers want someone experienced or a skillful and talented newbie.

Usually, the focus is on work experience, which means it has to be listed at the top of a resume. When employers want to give a chance to inexperienced, yet skillful job seekers, they usually focus on education, and the work experience is not necessarily required. In this case, list your education at the top of your resume when you lack the experience the employers are seeking.


Once you know where to place a list of your awards, certificates, degrees, and licenses on your resume, there should be fewer problems writing it. Yet, if in doubt or insecure about your resume writing, you can always turn to a local Arizona resume writing professional who provide help with creating high-quality resumes. Make sure to seek the top rated resume preparation service in Arizona in order to avoid those that will charge a lot and deliver a poorly written resume.

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