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Top 5 Job Interview Questions Most Employers Ask

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Many candidates struggle during interviews, because they fear they might give the wrong answer. However, recruiters frequently ask the same questions, which means you can prepare and make sure to answer correctly. As a top rated and trusted professional resume writing company in Scottsdale Arizona, we’ve compiled a list of the top five job interview questions most employers ask.

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Tell me about yourself

This is usually the first question, and the one that has candidates sweating straight away. Being such a broad, vague question, many interviewees end up stuttering, using buzzwords, and talking about things employers don’t want to hear. When you get asked about yourself, an employer is not asking where you were born, or what you like to do in your spare time. He / she is interested in you as a professional. For example, a good answer would be something along these lines:

“I am a journalist with more than a decade reporting on business and economy. I’ve worked for The Wall Street Journal for four years, before moving to the Economist. I graduated in 2007, and have since attended five courses to remain up to date with the latest journalistic practices”.

What Is Your Biggest Strength?

Any top rated resume writer in Glendale Arizona will confirm that asking about your strengths is one of the questions almost every hiring manager asks. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the question will help you answer it properly. What the hiring manager is really asking is ‘Why should we hire you?”

You might have plenty of professional strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to focus on those that you think would actually benefit the company. Once again, let’s take a hypothetical journalist as an example.

“My biggest strength is my contacts list. I have an excellent relationship with CEOs of some of the biggest corporations in the state, which means I could get exclusive stories and breaking news easier.”

What Is Your Salary Expectations?

Juniors looking to work for the first time are constantly fretting over this one. The issue with this question is simple – people fear that if they ask for too much, they might not get the offer. Consequently, they ask for the absolute minimum. Then, even if they get the job, they’re usually not satisfied with it.

Properly answering this question requires some research. Go online, or ask a reputable resume writing company in Arizona on the usual salary range for this type of positions. Analyze yourself – do you have a competitive advantage? If yes, you could go for the higher end of the range. Finally, don’t be nervous when answering. An example of a solid response would be:

“Based upon the market research I’ve done on Glassdoor, with the level of education I have, skills, and years of experience, the salary range I’d like to discuss is between $60K and $75K”. This allows room for negotiations and allows you to give a broad number to work with.

Why Did You Leave Your Previous Company? Why Do You Want To Change Companies?

This question gives candidates a great opportunity to show themselves in a positive light. Regardless of the way you left your last position, always try to be affirmative. For example:

“ABC was a great company to work for with lots of excellent people”. “I learned from the best and the brightest but given the economic circumstances, it’s time for me to spread the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired and help another organization grow and to learn new things.” A usual follow up question is “Will you leave us once you learn everything?” Don’t be afraid to give an affirmative answer, as it shows honesty and character.

“I’m sure this company can offer plenty of challenges for the foreseeable future, so if I get the job, I’m expecting to stay with this company until the day I retire”.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Many job seekers make a huge mistake and simply say ‘No, I think that’s all’. The hiring manager is looking to see how interested in the company you really are. Make sure to have at least one or two questions that will show you did some research and really put your mind to the task.

For example: “I’ve seen you recently covered a story about a patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. How long were you working on it, and were the writers on a strict deadline?”


Many job seekers see the interview as a set of trick questions, where they’re looking to ‘defeat’ the hiring managers. They end up giving all the same answers that do them very little good. The interview is a place to prove your worth against other candidates, by highlighting your skills and positives, as a professional. Being honest and understanding the reasoning behind these questions will help you excel at job interviews.

If you’re still unsure about how to tackle job interviews, you might want to consider taking advice from a professional resume writing and job interview prep service in Arizona.

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