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How To Write An Interview-Winning Executive Level Resume?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Executive level resumes that land an interview are those that answer the main question of all hiring managers: "Does This Look Like A Highly-Qualified & Experienced Executive Level Resume?". Executive level resume writing professionals in Arizona know what makes one resume outstanding and how to tailor an interview-winning executive level resume.

To help you out with your writing a high-quality executive level resume, here are the steps you need to follow.

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What Information Should Be Written In An Executive Level Resume?

Writing an executive level resume is not an easy task. It is time consuming, requires a lot of effort to be as precise as possible. You have to convince hiring managers you are the best candidate for the job position in the most concise and the shortest way possible. It is of the utmost importance to know what information should be included to have a successfully executed resume.

In order to achieve this, make sure to include:

  1. All your accomplishments in your career and find the underlying theme among them.

  2. Describe the impact you made on the people you worked with before.

  3. Tell about the projects and work situations you relish.

  4. Possible problems you could solve for a new employer.

  5. Writing a personal branding statement (your target audience and the problems you solve).

How Many Pages Should An Executive Level Resume Be?

Executive level resume, like any other, has to be brief and precise. Listing irrelevant information makes your resume longer and thus draws away the attention from the relevant things. Experts in the executive level resume writing suggest keeping the length of a resume to two or three pages max.

Content and format of a resume is what decides its length, so make sure to include only the information which is relevant for the target employer and job position.

What's The Difference Between An Executive Level Resume & Mid Career Level?

A job position dictates the type of a resume a job seeker is going to submit. Those with a long and extensive career, aiming executive level positions, focus on their experience and accomplishments, while those with less experience or recent graduates focus on qualifications, set of skills and back up these with the experience.

The difference lies in a resume summary content; education section position, a presentation of professional experience, affiliations and volunteer work.

What Core Competencies Should Be Written In An Executive Level Resume?

With a long work history and a list of achievements, highlighting the right information becomes a difficult task. Being aware that any kind of a mistake could disappoint a hiring manager, you must carefully choose the competencies and list the most important ones on your resume.

To avoid making any mistake, here is a list of core competencies that should be listed on your resume:

  • Strategic planning P&L responsibility

  • Performance optimization

  • New business development

  • Budgeting & finance

  • Corporate administration

  • World class organization

  • Crisis management

  • Organizational leadership

  • Profitability improvement

Why Are Executive Level Resume So Difficult To Write?

Writing any kind of a resume is overwhelming to all job seekers, regardless of age, experience and aim. Executive level resumes require preciseness. Writing about yourself is not easy, but to showcase how capable you are of doing a job requires a writing technique that only those who are trained and have done it for years know how to do it effectively.

Many job hunters seek help from top rated executive resume writing services in Arizona that deliver high quality resumes. It is no easy task to use soft skills in order to present your management acumen and leadership. You need to present how your passions, motivated skills, strengths and personal attributes can help the employer. You need to reinforce key strengths and brand attributes in your Challenge-Action-Result story. And lastly, you must make employers see you do the job and have a great impact.

Who Should Write An Executive Level Resume?

As previously discussed, a minor mistake can affect the reader’s opinion and decision about the resume owner and his/her employment. For those in a need of an executive level resume, it is advised to look for professionals in Arizona that write executive resumes, experts who daily work with VPs, Directors or C- Suite Executives, etc.

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