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8 Most Common Questions Asked By Hiring Managers During A Job Interview

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Being called in for an interview is a big success, yet it doesn’t guarantee landing the job. Once you write a high-quality resume that impresses hiring managers, it’s time to impress them in person. To have a successful interview, you have to be well prepared for it.

Reaching out to Phoenix Arizona top-rated resume writing professionals who will help you write an interview-winning resume is always a good idea. Not only will they tailor one that will land you an interview, but also prepare you hot to answer the tough job interview questions. Only when you have the confidence and know the best answers to hiring managers’ questions, you can hope for a job position.

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1. Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

Hiring managers ask this question in order to check if the desired job position matches your career objectives and values. Your answer reveals your motivation, passion and interest. That’s where they see if you are the best candidate. They find out how much you know about their company and their goals.

2. What Can You Give Us That Other Candidates Can't?

The best answer to this question is to summarize your experience and state how it can help their company grow. Tell about your achievements and steps that lead to them. Tell about your set of skills and how you can use these efficiently in their company.

This should also be demonstrated on your resume. If not, find a local professional resume company for resume help. Resume experts understand how to showcase your metrics, hard skills, and achievements.

3. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

When talking about your strengths, make sure to focus and accentuate those that are related to the job position you are being interviewed for. Don’t waste hiring managers’ time by boasting about something they don’t find crucial or necessary. Strengths that are a key to success need attention here. Think about the job position you apply for and your strengths. Choose wisely.

4. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Everyone has weaknesses, but they don’t have to be necessarily negative. You can use those and present them in a way that shows they actually helped you in your work. Here's an example of talking about your weaknesses which in turn will benefit the company.

Example: "My greatest weakness is that end up falling in love with a company and devote all my time on helping the organization grow".

5. How Do You Handle Pressure & Stress?

When hiring managers are interested in your performance under unpleasant circumstances, your answers helps them know what to expect from you if they hire you. Give them an example of a stressful situation and how you handled it. Show them you can deal with the stress without any bad outcomes for the company.

6. Tell Us About A Problem Or Difficulty You Faced In Your Previous Job & How Did You Solve It?

Consulting with one of Arizona's resume writing professional services is a smart thing to do to help answer these tough job interview questions. Similar to the previous question, this is where they want to see you in action. It is easy to work when there are no obstacles or problems, but what when things get tough? Here, you must shine. These situations tell how efficiently you can use your skills and knowledge.

7. Why Are You leaving Your Current Job?

There are various reasons why one leaves a job. The trick is to make a positive picture out of it. Do not mention your previous boss or company in a negative context. Also, make sure to be consistent in your answer in case you’ve applied for a few companies whose representatives might know each other. Sometimes, they compare their notes and if there are some inconsistencies, it might lead to a negative outcome.

8. What Are Your Future Goals?

When asking this question, hiring managers want to check if your goals can be met by what they offer. Make sure to tell about your short term goals and how their company matches your long-term goals. It’s sufficient to let them know you are planning to stay with them for a while.

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