10 Tactics to Write a Killer Resume To Crack Most Walk-in Interviews

Trying to get a job through walk-ins, but no luck, right? A bad resume could be the reason you are unable to clear any walk-in interview. Even when you practiced so hard for a face-to-face interview.

Today, the motive of writing this blog post is to help you improve your odds of winning the walk-in interview with an effective resume.

Read on to learn about these tactics and implement them to inject new life into your career.

#1 Use a Professional Font

A study revealed that a hiring manager does not spend more than 6 seconds on a resume. Keep the resume easy to read. You should opt for a font that makes the content visible over a piece of paper

Most resume writing services use basic formats such as Times New Roman or Arial. Ideally, the font size should be either 10 0r 12.

Selecting a readable font and size makes the resume appeal more professional. Hence, enhancing the chances of landing a job. You must eliminate or reduce unnecessary whitespace in your resume. Excess of whitespace will make your resume appear sparse, causing distraction, and raise a red flag.

With minimal whitespace, the interviewer can focus more on content to ask you relevant questions. Increase the font size to 12 for minimizing whitespace.

#2 Add Relevant Information and Important Sections First

While you may have practical industry experience or strong academic background, you should keep your resume as brief as possible. But at the same time without missing out on crucial details. Your interviewer won’t spend hours reading your resume, just a couple of minutes, and they are ready to interview you.

Never include old or irrelevant information. For instance, the achievement of winning a school's chess tournament is nothing more than a distraction when you have applied for a job as an experienced Internet marketer.

Add data such as education, experience, achievements that are relevant to your employer and job