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What To Write In The Career Summary Of A Resume

The Career Summary in a resume is a core element of any professional resume. It is a 4-5 line statement that is placed at the top of a resume, giving an overview of the resume in a concise manner by explaining the candidate’s offerings to the company as a potential employee. Credible resume writers at DoMyResume.NET recommends always including relevant keywords in the career summary of a resume.

The career summary of a resume can work as an effective tool to pursue a resume reviewer to go through the whole resume. The job of a candidate or a professional resume writer is to design it in such a way that it excites the reader to know more about the candidate in detail.

Although the resume summary has to be precise, it should cover all the necessary areas in a brief but informative way. Let’s have a look at some of the areas that should be part of a strong career summary.

Career Goals

According to the top rated resume writers in the United States, the career summary should give an impression of being goal-oriented is mandatory. Having career goals defines that a candidate is ambitious and dedicated towards their work.

The recruiters always prioritize those candidates, who successfully manage to create an impression that they have some sort of career goals to achieve in their life.

Target Position

In the resume summary, it is necessary that the candidates give an idea about their desired job positions, through which they wish to efficiently apply their skills and knowledge. Hiring a top rated resume writing service is highly recommended to land more interviews.

The target position should be the same as applied, or any other job highly close in the job roles. The same or relevant target position will positively influence the recruiter to give the resume document a read.

Current Experience

A strong introduction to the roles and responsibilities being carried out by the candidate in their current position must be included. A recruiter going through the resume summary will like getting a hint about the roles to which a candidate has been associated rather than finding it in the other parts of a resume document.

If a candidate successfully provides even the slightest hint about his current job roles and the recruiter finds it interesting, the recruiter will end up giving a read to the whole resume. Top resume writing services also follow such tricks to compel recruiters to go through the whole resume document.


A candidate might have too much to provide in the education section, but it is wise to slightly talk about it in the resume summary as well. Using just a few words, and mentioning the highest education will double the impact of a resume summary on the recruiter.

For a recruiter, knowing the highest educational qualification of the applicant can quickly put the resume in the further consideration category. Professional resume writers always recommends having at least a single mention about the highest education in the resume summary.


A quality-producing and reputable resume writing service, DoMyResume.NET, recommends to include a separate skill section, some of the major skills will be the part of resume summary as well. It is necessary to discuss those skills that have a direct link with the job role that a candidate aims to apply in the job position.

Having the presence of at least 8 keywords written in the career summary is mandatory for better interview success rates. They can be both technical or soft skills. The objective is to quickly provide an understanding about one’s skillset to the recruiter.

Industry Knowledge

Industry knowledge in the resume career summary has to be provided abstractly rather than directly. The effective method is to discuss the other elements in a way, which gives an impression that candidates have sufficient knowledge about the industry.

Incorporating industry-specific terminologies and keywords in a resume summary can serve the purpose very well. If a candidate is not familiar with the industrial terminologies, then hiring a top resume service can be a great help to achieve this goal.

Professional Expertise

Giving an idea about what a candidate is professionally good at is also one of the primary objectives of a resume summary. Resume Writing Services understands how to best market job seekers to create a strong interview-winning resume.

Rather than sharing a list of professional expertise in a resume summary section, the candidate should include one or two expertise that is not just their forte but is also related to the applied job position.

If the expertise included is not related to the core objective of the job position, it should be presented in a way that the employer can capitalize it whenever required.

Defining Achievements

Everyone has some career or academic achievements that define their profile. Never ignore those achievements in the career summary of a resume, no matter how small or little they are.

As a candidate or as a resume writer look for those achievements and include them in a resume summary statement to let the recruiter know about the defining achievements in the very beginning.

Personality Traits

A resume summary is not just about the technicalities but also about the candidate's personality. It should persuasively give an impression that the candidate is the best match for the existing organizational culture.

For that, a candidate must be aware of the culture of the workplace and try to highlight those personality traits that are required to fit in that culture. The resume writers call it the job-specific resume, in which the candidate improvises the resume sections according to the job/company.

Professional Capabilities

Sometimes the candidates may not have the required skills or qualifications for the job but that does not mean they do not stand a chance.

If a candidate in the resume summary can successfully convince the recruiter, about what he/she is professionally capable to do, the recruiter might think about giving a chance to the candidate to learn and develop the required skillset.

The candidate must talk about the professional capabilities in the resume summary to stand a chance for a selection.

The resume summary is a very important section of a professional resume. Due to its position in the resume, it is among those sections that get the initial eye time of a resume reviewer or recruiter. And it is really important to build a positive image in the recruiter's mind in that section.

Take any measure to make it more impressive, whether it involves you or hiring a well-established resume service that can help write a resume summary.

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