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Is My Resume Poorly Written?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

A poorly written resume will result in less job interviews. If you happen to have a poorly crafted resume, you might only be called for an interview out of sheer luck. This is because the job marketplace is extremely competitive and truth be told; recruiters are only interested in hiring from among the best job seekers that understand how to market themselves.

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Since your resume is your first introduction to your prospective recruiter, it’s important for it to be well written—since you may never get a second chance. First impressions count a lot. You may have impressive skills and experience required for the job that has just been advertised, but without a well-crafted resume, you may never get invited for an interview.

Characteristics of powerfully and correctly written resumes:

Before we cover the main topic of "what a poorly written resume looks like", let's look at some examples of what a powerfully and correctly written resume looks like. To see some examples of powerfully and correctly written resumes, click here.

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So, getting hired means that you’ve got to convince your soon-to-be employer that you’re equal to the task by highlighting your key strengths through an impressive resume. This is the point: every detail that you write in your resume—whether positive or deleterious—has a likelihood of getting you considered for interview or not. Now here’s what you probably didn’t know: majority of employers don’t actually read the entire resume—because they may not have the time to do so.

As a result, employers usually scan your resume for; let’s say 10-20 seconds before making a decision as to whether your resume is worth considering. Any slip-up in your resume that’s noted during the scanning process may automatically resign your resume to the dustbin. And that’s how you miss-out to get invited for an interview.

So, if you would like to know whether your resume is poorly crafted or not, then you should first and foremost, understand the characteristics of a poorly written resume. This will help you to polish your resume, so that next time you apply for that job, you are assured that you’ll be invited for an interview.

Characteristics of a poorly written resume:

Do you want to know how a poorly written resume looks like? Well, here are 6 characteristics of a poorly written resume:

1. Not providing an up-front contact information

The contact information you write on your resume should be straightforward. This provides your soon-to-be employer with the information to contact you with much ease. However, the choice of your e-mail address can land you in trouble. Always select an email address that’s not only simple, but also direct. Avoid e-mail addresses that may be evocative of your character such as”.

2. Poorly written Career Summary

The Career Summary in your resume acts as a preamble to your resume, where you abridge your prospective employer of your key skills and strengths. A poorly written Career Summary is self-focused and may not have any meaningful information that tells the employer who you are and what your skills and strengths are. For sure, a well-crafted Career Objective should not only state your educational background, but also should highlight your experience and the value you bring to that organization.

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3. Wordy Details

A poorly written resume has wordy details. Your resume should not only be succinct but also capture all the information that you’d like your potential employer to know about you. Remember; your employer doesn’t have all the time to go through every detail in your resume. So, the choice of words you use in your resume should help him/her to scan easily in order to get a glimpse of your key qualifications, skills and experience.

4. Grammatical and spelling mistakes

You can easily tell a well-crafted from poorly written resume just by looking out for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Make no mistake: a resume that has either spelling or grammatical mistakes will be definitely rejected by the employer. For corrective measures, always check for spelling and grammatical mistakes in your resume before you send it to your soon-to-be employer.

5. Poorly organized

A poorly written resume lacks systematic presentation of information in it. For you to impress your prospective employer at first-glance, you have to write your resume in a systematic manner that highlights all your key strengths, skills and achievements.

6. Poor choice of Keywords

A poorly written resume is stuffed with words that may not help to highlight your key strengths, skills and achievements. Inasmuch as the keywords are important in summarizing your key strengths and skills, it’s vital that you don’t stuff your resume with unnecessary keywords.

The last question you might be asking yourself is, "how much is your poorly written resume costing you?". Is a poorly written resume costing your $50,000, $60,000, $70,000+ a year? If you are seeking help of resume professionals in Phoenix AZ, contact

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