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Making Under $50,000 A Year? Blame Your Resume!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

There will come a point in time when you’ll realize it is time to move into a higher-paying working environment. You’ve gathered enough knowledge, plenty of experience, education and you know – you absolutely know – you have what it takes to start earning a more ‘serious’ figure.

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So why is it then that you keep getting turned down when applying for jobs that pay more than $50,000 a year? It could be that you’re underestimating the power of your resume. A professionally crafted resume can make – or break – the next step in your career. That’s why, if you’re struggling breaking above the $50,000 figure, you should consider hiring a professional resume writing consulting service in Phoenix AZ and start shaking things up a bit. A poorly written resume can get you eliminated from software system scans right from the get-go.

Here are four reasons why your resume might be holding you back:

Your resume suck:

Of course you don't agree that your resume stinks, that's why you're still making under $50,000 a year. Yeah, easy to say. But what does that mean? It can mean a lot of things – because a great resume comes with a lot of tiny details that make it just that – great. If the answer to the questions below is always “Yes”, then you’re doing it wrong. Is your resume too boring? Do you sound like a corporate robot, filled by vague phrases such as “team player”, “work good under pressure”, “leader”? Have you listed everything you’ve ever done, since before you were born? Did you use more than three fonts, three font sizes? Do you use graphics? Objective statement?

A handful of details make for a great resume.

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You’re not metric-oriented:

Having a metric-oriented, custom tailored and results-oriented resume is probably the best thing you can do for your career. Don’t just list your roles and responsibilities, where you’ve worked, and for how long. You must also be very specific describing what you accomplished. Finished a large project? List how many people you managed, for how long, and what the project did for the company. Earned the company some money? Tell your future employer how much and how. Saved it even more money? How much? Make sure to list all these things, and be specific!

You’re selling yourself short:

There is something in the human psyche which blocks us from being objective about ourselves. We’re usually way too self-critical, and that can seriously hurt our careers going forward. We always tend to underestimate ourselves, our achievements and previous work obligations. Some people will even say it makes them feel ‘lame’, talking highly of themselves. This is a topic you can discuss with either your previous employer, or even a professional resume writer. Other people can help you be more objective about yourself, and can help you advertise yourself a bit better.

ATS Systems are filtering your resume out:

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is that they craft their resume exclusively for human eyes. Sure, a hiring manager will eventually have to read your resume, but small, medium, and large companies, and especially when trying to fill higher-paying positions, will get tons of resumes every day. That’s why they use software to filter out all the irrelevant ones, leaving managers reading only resumes of quality candidates. You will want to be among those ‘quality ones’. That software, known as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), scans all incoming resumes for keywords and search phrases set up by the hiring managers. Resumes without them get eliminated.

If the ATS has trouble reading your resume – it will render it invalid. It could have trouble reading specific fonts, photo's and images, and resumes with spelling and grammar mistakes. All these things need to be taken into consideration when crafting a resume, to make sure it passes the scan and ends up in the hands of your potential employer. Only then can all the good stuff (metric-oriented, interesting and properly advertised resumes) surface. We’ve written a couple of articles describing how to avoid making these mistakes.

Other mistakes job seekers make is knowing which font and font sizes should I use on my resume? Or, do companies actually use software systems to filter out resumes? These are 2 of the most important questions anyone writing a resume should ask themselves!

Time to Get Your Resume Reviewed By Experts:

Everyone can move forward in their career, and everyone can break into higher-paying jobs. But it takes a mindset of knowing you're needing a pro resume writing agency in Phoenix AZ to show you the error of your old resume. Knowing what a great resume looks like, and how it can help you break into better paying jobs is part of the solution.

One thing in common for the majority of high income earners is that they will outsource as much as they can – whatever they’re not great at. Resume writing is often a service that high income earn outsource to, and if high income earners are investing in professional resume writing services, then it’s obviously a worthy investment.

Put yourself in the mindset of a high income earner, and you’re already halfway there.

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