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Resume Writing Services for Medical Device Sales Representatives in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Some professions are simply well reputed, despite them being tough to do, and basically not for everyone. Among such professions is the medical device sales (MDS) professionals. It is a profession which offers a high level of autonomy, pays great, comes with many benefits and offers plenty of room to progress. But just as with any other profession, people looking to break into the MDS position will definitely need the help of a professional resume writing service for Medical Device Sales Representatives.

Largest resume writing service in Arizona

What is medical device sales?

Medical device sales is a fairly straightforward, yet very demanding position. People working as medical device sales representatives are tasked with selling various medical equipment, such as orthopedic accessories, implants, heart pacers, and so on, to hospitals and other health institutions. It can either be the best profession in the world, or the worst one – depending on how you view these elements of the calling:

It is not office based – you will spend more time on the road, covering a predefined territory and selling equipment to doctors and hospitals.

There’s a lot of face-to-face – selling medical devices means you’ll have to meet with a lot of people and present them with what you’re selling.

Do My Resume.NET has specialized medical device sales representative professional resume writers out team where we are often met with people wanting to become medical device sales representatives. They say it pays great, has a lot of room for career advancement, and offers a fairly high degree of independence.

Largest resume writing service in Arizona

What are the roles and responsibilities of a medical device sales professional in the state of Arizona?

The easiest, simplest explanation of what the role of a medical device sales representative is – to sell things and make money. However, things are never that simple in life. They must create, and maintain, a list of all the doctors and hospitals in their designated area. They must form a solid relationship with those doctors, as well as other medical staff, and keep it that way. They must organize presentations, appointments and conferences, where they will showcase new equipment they’re selling.

And finally, they have to sell that equipment. That also means they have a certain financial goal they’re trying to meet, day in – day out. There are a lot of follow-up responsibilities, including competition tracking, strategy development and keeping up to date with the latest healthcare and medical technology, as well. When creating a targeted resume for a medical device sales representative, all these responsibilities need to be listed.

How much do medical device sales professionals make in Arizona?

One of the reasons why people decide to move into the medical device sales industry is because it pays well. However, it is fairly hard to establish concrete numbers, for a couple of reasons. First, the majority of sales work is based on commission, which means your salary will depend on your performance. Second, it varies on the type of products you’re selling.

Obviously, you won’t be earning the exact same amount of money by selling trauma devices, and cardiology related equipment. And finally, it depends how long you’ve been in the business. Having a large, working set of contacts can mean all the difference in the world. That’s why it is usually said that people in their forties and above, will earn much more than the younger workforce.

There are figures out there we can use for reference. For example, in a Business Insider article, spokesperson said an average total income is $133,654.

Why hire a professional resume service when applying for medical device sales jobs?

The position of a medical device sales representative is highly sought after. It is a great position that gives a certain level of freedom and independence, pays great, comes with various benefits, and offers plenty of room for improvement and advancement.

It is a highly competitive market, and people looking to break into the industry need all the help they can get. With competition being high, many healthcare companies employ the help of ATS Systems – applicant tracking software, to scan incoming resumes and discard irrelevant ones.

A professional healthcare resume service in Arizona can help avoid being eliminated by the ATS, by adding all the necessary elements. It will help the job seeker place proper emphasis on all the skills and competencies essential to being successful in this line of work. And finally, it will teach them how to revamp their LinkedIn profile, and how to nail the face-to-face interview.

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