Do You Need LinkedIn To Boost Your Resume?

It would be great if you could get away with using a hard copy of your LinkedIn profile as your resume, wouldn’t it? You’d avoid the stress of writing a resume, the difficulties of getting started, the cold feet that often come with writing about yourself. Take the recommendation of the largest resume writing services in Arizona, DoMyResume.NET and create a powerful LinkedIn profile that wows employers.

Sadly, LinkedIn profiles are still too general to be used in this way. But you MUST have one.

Most professional resume writers that you meet will tell you that, in these times, you need a LinkedIn profile to add to the Contacts section of your resume.

Where should you paste your LinkedIn profile link on your resume? After your have your LinkedIn profile professionally updated, you should then copy your profiles URL website link and paste it at the top of your resume somewhere in the "Contact" section of your resume. Hiring Managers can click your link and get taken directly to your profile.

Why does it matter? Let’s see. Because the grapevine tells us most recruiters and HR managers are on LinkedIn looking for job seekers. If the hiring manager is prowling LinkedIn, he’s not looking at the job applications piled on his desk.

Sometimes, companies may not even post on a job search site like Indeed, Glassdoor, or Monster. The hiring manager may go straight to the LinkedIn job board. And if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you won’t turn up on job searches. You could be the right fit for a job, but the hiring manager won’t even know you’re looking for one!

Sometimes, a recruiter may want to find out more based on your resume. When they find the LinkedIn contact details, they may make their way to your profile for a corroborative look.

Having a LinkedIn profile gives HR managers social proof of their talents and skills. Testimonials and endorsements from those you’ve worked with will enhance your profile and give your resume a boost.

That’s why it’s important to carefully draft your LinkedIn profile and know how to use it to your advantage.

Tips To Draft A LinkedIn Profile

Nothing on the Internet is free of the demands of search engine optimization these days. If you want to be seen, you’ll have to do things right. This means making sure to optimize every bit of text on your LinkedIn profile.