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Why Can't I Land a Job?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

When the economy is bad, jobs are rare to be found. One of the obvious reasons is that during these tough times, employers do not have enough capital to spend on hiring more employees. But when the economy is in good shape, job hiring is everywhere. Companies even tap into recruitment firms to head hunt for their next talented staff. However, if in the so-called “bull market” you still can’t land a job, obviously something is wrong, and it’s most likely because of a poorly written resume or cover letter.

professional resume writers in AZ

“Why can’t I land a job?”

If this has been your question for months, time to divert on a perspective that works in today’s job application world. Find a professional resume writing service or a professional cover letter writer.

But what’s the true reason you can’t find a job?

According to our expert and top notch professional resume writers in Phoenix Arizona, resume mistakes are among the top reasons why job seekers aren’t being called in for interviews. Some of these mistakes they’re spotting over and over again in most resumes clients are submitting are:

  • Lack of detailed information

  • Missing metrics

  • Large and intimidating block texts

  • Wrong order of job positions

  • Incorrect formatting

  • Poor grammar and spelling

  • Irrelevant information

  • Resume is not Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

What a professional resume writing service does is they eliminate all these eye distractions and irrelevant information and mistakes. Dealing with resume issues like these is actually not an easy job. The fact is, a great resume writing service have to spend precious time speaking and counseling clients to extract important information about their career background and career objective(s). This has always been a part of our everyday routine inside our resume writing agency. But the great thing about this resume writing business is when we hear our clients giving feedback like this:

“I was called in for interview in just a few days after I submitted my application. Thanks to your professional resume help. I now have the job that I want.”

Frankly speaking, there are things certified professionals resume writers can do that you can’t. Yes, everybody can write a resume but not all can produce the high quality resume that will impress employers. In times like this, a professionally written resume from a professional resume editor is what you need.

professional resume writers in AZ

Here’s how these resume consultants can help you.

Our Phoenix Resume Writers always work with collaboration in mind. For us to create professionally written resumes and cover letters, we do in-depth one-on-one counseling with each of our clients to ensure we understand their background. We work with you either by phone, email or in-person in order to get all the relevant information about your professional career and the jobs you want to pursue. In some occasions, our Phoenix resume experts will request you to fill out a questionnaire form designed to capture all the necessary details needed in your resume. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, we will have your high-caliber resume and cover letter in your hands.

According to our resume writing pros in Phoenix, Arizona, here are three effective strategies when applying for a job online these days:

  • Submit your resume to 20-30 job postings a day. Practically, the more resumes you submit, the higher your odds are in landing job interviews.

  • Submit your resume and cover letter to job postings from 4:00am to 7:00am Monday – Friday because that is the time when job postings usually update on these sites.

  • Keep you communication line open at all times. When you receive a call or email, be courteous and smart enough to secure that job interview as soon as possible.

Do you apply these strategies?

The economy is thriving. There are thousands of job vacancies waiting to be filled. More and more industries are looking for skilled workers and professionals like you. If you choose to work with a professional resume writer today, chances are you can be called in for interviews and soon be hired on the job you desire.

Certified professional writers could be the solution you’ve been long waiting for.

If you’re looking for more tips and expert’s advice on how to write a resume effectively, we highly encourage you to collaborate with our resume writing pros in Phoenix Arizona. Let’s build your impressive cover letter and resume. We are committed in helping you land an interview today!

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