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Are Cover Letters Really That Important Anymore?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

A recent post from the University of Kent’s showed that according to a recent survey, 43% of employers expected candidates to submit a cover letter for each job position. From this survey alone, the answer is a staggering “Yes, you need a Cover Letter”.

Job seekers who have hired a high-quality producing professional resume writing service, are landing more interviews than those who write their resumes themselves, or turn to cheap online resume mills.

Cover Letters Also Get Scanned By Companies Software Filters!

Even if a Hiring Manager does not require that you submit a cover letter, submit a cover letter anyways! The more documents you upload and submit online, the more content Applicant Tracking Software systems can scan, read, and then rate the quality of your application. If you submit a keyword & ATS optimized resume AND cover letter, the higher your quality score will be in order to land more interviews!

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Why Not Just Use A Free Sample Cover Letter Found Online?

You will encounter a plethora of cover letter samples online, most of which are intended for certain professions or careers. But even if they are free samples, there’s another problem for most job seekers. First off, these free cover letters that you can find online are generic and do not speak volumes about your specific background.

Choosing which template is the right one to use is oftentimes becoming a daunting task. Like employers, some candidates often feel that concentrating more on the resume would be much better instead of composing an impactful cover letter. From the perspective of a resume writing company, this situation is quite confusing.

Despite having free templates to choose from, initial content to edit, and a few minutes of polishing activity required, job seekers are still hesitant on composing their cover letters. But why?

Well, let’s consider this another survey.

Another survey conducted by Robert Half, focused on the importance of cover letters, pointed out that about 91% of employers still consider cover letters extremely important in assessing the candidates’ qualifications. Why do you think so?

Consider these explanations from our DoMyResume.NET

Setting aside the style and format, the most important aspect of sending a cover letter to an employer is that opportunity of telling them that you know what specific job you are applying for. Similar to processing and analyzing data from an online survey or HR database like Applicant Tracking System, cover letters summarizes a candidate’s full potential for the job.

At a glance, the cover letter tells the hiring manager why he or she should hire the candidate. In 500 words or less, an employer can decide whether the candidate is qualified enough to attend the interview process.

In essence, cover letters are equivalent to your elevator pitch which you must put your best words and sentences to convince employers to meet you – and then hire you.

Can you write that perfect pitch cover letter on your own?

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Remember that a cover letter is your passport to that dream job. The same as your resume, it is one of your ultimate credentials in the job haunting world.

Without a cover letter, consider yourself sending a product to your consumer without a packaging label. You’ll give them a lot of guess works. Employers hate doing that. As the old saying goes, “first impression lasts”. If you want to earn a positive impression, then provide a powerful cover letter. Seek resume and cover letter help or ask a resume pro to enhance both your cover letter and professional resume.

Surveys tell us that cover letters are as important as our resumes and most employers want to read a piece of that document. Send one together with your resume but make sure it can grab their attention.

Attention-grabbing Cover Letters

Our resume writing company can help you on that. Many of our clients get back to us and say “I got hired within 30 days all because of my powerful cover letter you wrote for me.” So if you’re looking for resume and cover letter writing services, then contacting our professional resume and cover letter writers today is the right thing to do first.

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