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13 Things You Should Never List On Your Resume

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

So you plan to pursue your dream job but debating on whether you should hire a quality-producing Professional Resume Writing Service to write your resume. What was normal to do in the past, may not be the normal thing to do today.

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Here are 13 things you should always leave out of your resume:

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Do NOT Include Personal Data:

While it was standard in the past to include as much personal data as possible, it is now not advisable for you to do that today’s current market. A professional resume writing service will shy away from including your personal information as it is not the basis of your employability.

Never input sensitive information such as your license numbers, your hobbies, your full home address, how many kids you have, or where you like to travel. Your personal information may even be used against you. Remember, this is a resume, not a personal autobiography.

Do NOT Include Photos:

At one time it was customary to include a professional photo in the past, it is no longer wanted or needed. In the past, resumes were required to have a photograph on your resume. However, now, it is encouraged in the United States to not include a photograph to adhere to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission legislation.

If a potential employer wants to see a photo of you, they can click on your custom URL website link located on your resume and cover letter to see your LinkedIn Profile.

Do NOT Include Unfruitful Tasks and Duties:

A resume is used to establish your experience and credibility in your previous jobs. As a benchmark, all the tasks and responsibilities you provide in your resume should equal to an achievement or accomplishment. Results are always what matters and that’s why employers want to see metrics (numbers showing your achievements). Provide them!

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Do NOT Include Unrelated Work Experience:

A resume writing service knows that your resume should always be as lean as possible. In fact, you should condense your work experience as much as possible. Only list down the jobs that demonstrate your qualifications to its fullest extent. Similarly, never leave gaps in your resume.

Do NOT Include Hobbies:

As a general rule, do not include hobbies unless it relates to the position you want. Explain your hobbies and how it relates to the position that you're applying for.

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Do NOT Include Negative Explanations / Cover-Ups:

Everyone's been through some tough times. When it happens, though, don't attempt to cover it up by providing a lengthy explanation of certain incidents. Similarly, when you get laid off, don't provide a dissertation on why you were removed from the position. Your resume should be used to promote you, and not to talk your previous employers down.

Do NOT Include Salary History:

The position that you're applying for already has a salary grade. Do not establish a salary range even before you have had the chance to discuss the terms with the hiring manager or employer.

Do NOT Include Professional References:

It's already assumed that all job applicants will have references. Instead of taking up valuable resume real estate, opt to not include the words "references available upon request" on your resume. Instead, have a separate sheet of your references available in case the hiring manager asks for it.

Do NOT Include Generalized Buzzwords:

Words like "interpersonal savvy" or "great communicator" should be avoided at all costs. These words are tempting to include as it boosts image-building of yourself. However, these words are just fluff that all resumes have. In the end, including these words will make your resume exactly like everyone else's. Instead, include action words or tangible proof of your achievements.

Do NOT Include Personal Pronouns:

Your resume should be devoid of any first and third person pronouns. Your resume is about you. That's already understood.

Do NOT Include Business Info:

Avoid putting in your current business information such as your current companies’ phone number, email address, or fax numbers. It is an invitation for them to call in on you while you're at work. Hiring managers will ask for their contact information when it is time, and not on your initial resume.

Do NOT Include Objectives:

An objective is usually used to grace the first part of everybody's resume. However, now, it just seems redundant. When you apply for a job, it's already implied that you want to get the job.

Do NOT Include Unprofessional Email Address's:

If you had a really cute email address when you were in college, leave it out. Instead, use an email address that sounds professional and firm. Similarly, also leave out multiple email addresses. It will be hard for the recruitment team to reach you, and you'll have a tough time checking all your accounts.

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