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How To Pick The Best Resume Writing Company?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Trusting a Resume Writing Service with your career can be a bit scary. The Resume Service must be reliable, talented, and experts in your specific career field. If you pick the wrong resume service, you could lose out on that next job promotion or job position.

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Review Ratings:

Research online and look for positive and negative reviews about the particular resume writing business. Look at Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see what reviews that company has on it. Find out what customers are saying about that resume service. Look to see what resume service is rated the best and find out what resume service is rated the worst. Reviews can tell you a lot about the products, service and overall quality of a resume writing company. Example: has over 50 positive reviews on Google.

Ranking On the Top Page of Google:

When Google or Yahoo ranks an online resume writing company on the first page, this means the companies are providing high quality content. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm alone should not become your ultimate basis when picking a resume pro. Similar to buying your next laptop or brand new car, you need to carefully check the full specs and finer details of the professional resume writing service you want. Example: If you go to Google and type in "best resume writing company in Arizona" you'll see that pulls up at the very top, again.

When picking the best resume writing experts, there are at least six qualification criteria that you have to evaluate.

#1 Quality of Writing

Spending several hundred dollars for a one or two-page executive resume writing service is not a bad investment at all provided you’ll get the quality you’re paying for. A quality resume is free of grammatical errors, with excellent choice of power words, contains effective qualification summaries, and reveals your strong points as a job applicant.

#2 Writer’s Competency

The ultimate attestation of a good resume writing service is when it is being delivered by 100% certified resume pros. How to know that? It’s simple. You just have to look for these certifications on the resume writing agency’s website: Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) and The National Resume Writer’s Association (NRWA).

#3 Time Commitment

If you’re are paying $30 to $70 for a resume, you’re probably not going to get a high-caliber resume and cover letter that’s going to land you your dream job. Understand that writing a properly written and powerful resume and cover letter takes anywhere between 3-6 hours – at least. If you’re paying a resume writer $30-$70, you’re going to get what you pay for.

#4 Phone Interviews

Look for resume writing consultants that allow customers to do a one-on-one Phone Interview. This allows a resume writer to get to know and understand your professional and academic background. If a resume writer doesn’t know who you are or what you can deliver to a company, how can they exhibit your professional and academic background in your resume?

#5 Price

If you’re a job seeker aiming for an $80,000 year job, then investing $200 to $350 on an executive-level resume is the smartest career move you can make. Why? It’s because at this price, a resume pro will study their client’s target industry as well as adjust their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to the employer’s expectations.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

#6 Diverse Writing Services

These days, employers, hiring managers, recruitment officers and talent acquisition recruiters aren’t only looking for professional resumes. They search the web for LinkedIn profiles, professional autobiographies, online portfolios and professional websites. Finding and picking a resume writing company that exhibits the “Jack of all trades” approach can certainly make a big difference on your part as a job seeker – on landing a job.

A resume writing business should have this goal clearly visible on its front door:

Help job seekers like you land a job.

Reality wise, not all resume writing businesses are focused on this very important goal. And this is the reason why exerting efforts in evaluating a resume writing company against the above six criteria is a very crucial move for every job seeker.

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