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Why You Should Not Write Your Own Resume?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Having that perfect degree or diploma is not your surest gateway to getting hired. Having a degree or diploma will help, but you still have to craft a perfect resume that not only bares the key areas of your expertise, but also one that impresses your prospective employer.

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A well-crafted resume is what stands between you and that coveted job that you’ve just applied for or that promotion that you need at your workplace. So, how do you craft a perfect resume that stands out from the rest of the competitors that are eyeing the same job you’ve applied for? Good question.

Ideally, you have 2 choices when crafting a resume. You can write it your own (DIY) or hire the services of a reputable certified resume writer. And therein lies the catch. It can be very difficult making a choice between DIY and hiring a certified resume writer. Before you decide on which approach to take when crafting your resume, it’s important to know important factors that you should consider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between DIY and Hiring a Certified Resume Writer:

So, what factors should you consider before you opt for either a DIY or hire the services of a certified resume writer? Here’s what should come into your mind when choosing between DIY and a certified resume writer:

  • Ability to organize ideas and thoughts. Before you make a choice between DIY and a certified resume writer, ask yourself this question: “Can I organize my thoughts and ideas clearly?”. If you’re in a position to express your expertise clearly and orderly, then might be able to write your own resume. However, if you’re not in a position to organize your thoughts and ideas clearly—unfortunately that’s where a majority of people are—then it’s only fair that you engage the services of a certified resume writer.

  • What do you want to achieve with your resume? Truth be told; the majority of people who wants their resume to be written would like to be hired or get promoted at their workplaces. So, if your main objective is to get hired by a prospective employer or get promoted, then don’t wager—between DIY and a certified resume writer.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Go for a certified resume writer. This is because there is fierce competition in the market place. The only thing that may get you hired is that well-crafted professional resume—and this can only be guaranteed by a certified resume writer.

This is a fact: the internet is awash with fraudsters who may be only interested in your money. Therefore, if you’re looking for a well-crafted professional resume, then always go for a certified professional resume writing company. It’s important to look out for the reputation of such companies before engaging their services.

Why Certified Resume Writers Know How to Do It Better

If you asked me to choose between DIY resume writing and engaging the services of a certified professional resume writer, I will definitely vouch for a certified resume writer. Here’s why:

#1: Experience and strategies

Certified resume writers have the necessary experience, knowledge and strategies that are required to help you narrow down the skills that your prospective employer is looking out for. They understand what your prospective employer or the hiring managers want in you. They also know what words will hurt your resume and want employers don't want to see.

#2: Difficulty in expressing one’s Key strengths

A certified resume writer knows exactly how to give an accurate assessment of your background checks that the employer is interested in. He/she will know if your resume can stand out unique from the rest of other competitors that are eyeing that job you’ve all applied for.

#3: Saving time

A certified resume writer will help you save a great deal of time. This will help you to focus on other matters that pertains to your job search.

#4: SEO resume

A certified resume writer will help to improve your ranking of the resume when searched on a search engine. If you would like a majority of employers to find your resume on the internet, then engage the services of a certified resume company.

#5: Quality writing

Simply put, a well-crafted successful resume should be well-written—it shouldn’t contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Engaging the services of a certified resume service will definitely improve the quality of your resume to make it sell to your prospective employer.

Well, there you have it. You now understand why you shouldn’t write your own resume. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit the website of an established resume company in Phoenix AZ, for assistance. They will be glad to respond to your questions.

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