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What Do Hiring Managers Look For On Resumes?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Consider this: It takes less than 1 minute for your soon-to-be employer to make a decision based on your resume— as to whether to invite you for an interview or not. So, if you’re looking for a job or you’ve gotten that perfect opportunity for promotion, then it’s important to know what hiring managers look out for within this 1 minute of scanning through your resume.

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How To Convince The Hiring Manager?:

Let’s start with the big picture here. Imagine that you’re a marketer. Of course, the main job of a marketer is to convince customers—who may be strangers—to buy products or services that they’ve never used or even heard of. Trying to convince these customers to buy your product or service may be a herculean task.

But only if you don’t understand their problem—what’s called in inbound marketing as buyer persona profile. Therefore, this means that for you to convince these customers, you have to understand them. Otherwise no matter how hard you craft the marketing strategies, you won’t be able to convince a single customer to buy your product/service.

Well Written Resume:

The same thing applies to your resume. Ideally, your resume is your perfect marketing tool that will convince that hiring manager to either consider your application or reject it. So, you have to make sure that your resume is perfectly written. Remember, the hiring manager doesn’t know anything about you or even heard about you.

Don’t assume that just because you have that perfect degree, or diploma or so many years of experience in the job that has been advertised, you’ll automatically be invited for an interview. It doesn’t work that way. There are specific details that hiring managers are looking out for in your resume as they scan through it.

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So, what do hiring managers look out for on resumes? Good question. Here at Do My Resume.NET, we truly understand what hiring managers want in the job applicant’s resume. Knowing what hiring managers want in a resume could be your only gateway to landing that most coveted job. So, let’s dive into what hiring managers want in resumes.

What the Hiring Manager wants in your resume:

A hiring manager is concerned with threefold issues in your resume. First, he/she wants to know whether you can do the job. Second, he/she is interested in whether you have previous transferrable experience to do the job. Third and finally, the hiring manager is interested in knowing whether you fit in the job that he/she wants to be filled.

Now, knowing the 3 issues will help you craft your resume that addresses the hiring managers concerns. Since your resume is your marketing tool, you’ve to ensure it captures all the 3 salient issues that the hiring manager is concerned with. So, how can you craft your resume that addresses all the 3 salient issues that the hiring manager wants in your resume?

Here’s what your resume should contain for it to be “spotted” by a hiring manager:

1. Has your resume captured the relevant skills?:

Your resume should contain the relevant skills for the job that has been advertised. Remember the hiring manager is interested in finding out whether you can do the job. You’ll only have seconds to convince that prospective employer by highlighting all the relevant skills on your resume that pertain to the job that has been advertised. This is how you’ll convince that prospective employer that you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

2. Has your resume captured the required job experience?:

In addressing the question of whether you’ll do the job when given a chance, your hiring manager will look out for the functional experiences in your resume to find out past jobs that you’ve done that's related to his/her job. If this component is missing out from your resume, you can kiss goodbye to that coveted job.

An impressive resume should incorporate all the experiences that have gained from past jobs that're related to the advertised job. Don’t make a mistake of using one resume for all the jobs that have been advertised. It’s important that you use the services of professional certified resume writers to help you showcase the relevant functional experience that’s required for a particular job.

3. Quantifiable accomplishments:

The quantifiable accomplishments in your resume will help to convince your hiring manager that you’ll fit in the job when given the opportunity. You should demonstrate in your resume the achievements that you made in your previous jobs. Hiring managers are interested in knowing the successes that you contributed to your previous employers. So, ensure that you’ve included all the achievements in your resume.

If you can convince your hiring manager that you can do the job, you’ll do the job and you’ll fit in, then you can be rest assured that you’ll land that coveted job. However, ensuring that a resume has all the 3 components may be an intricate process. You should locate a professional certified resume writing service to help you craft a resume that addresses all the 3 issues that hiring managers are looking for in your resume.

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