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Is My Resume Impressing Employers?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Answer: Are you getting called in for lots of interviews after submitting your resume to employers?

Let’s face it—employers receive hundreds, even thousands of applications for job positions that have been posted. Out of this number, only a few candidates—whose resumes are impressive—are invited for interviews after running through a quick scan on their resumes. As a matter of fact, it takes an average of one minute for a hiring manager to scan through your resume to find out whether to invite you for an interview or not.

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This means one thing: your resume has to be impressive for you to move onto the next stage of the job application process—the interview. Securing an interview in a job application process is akin to winning a girl over for a first date. Can you remember how you landed yourself that first “hot” date with that stunning girl?

You probably had to brush your teeth, do your hair, buy a new shirt, just to mention few “crazy” things that men do to win over girls for first dates. The job application process is the same. Your resume has to stand out—to your hiring manager—for you to get noticed. Just the same way you want to impress your girl—since several guys want to land a first date with her.

So, how do you craft an impressive resume?

By hiring a well-stablished and credible resume writing company that's experts writing unqiue and powerful resumes. Honestly speaking, it takes steps to craft an impressive resume that pops out in a job application process. In this article: “Is My Resume Impressing Employers?” we review the basic steps that you should undertake to make your resume is impressive.

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Ultimate steps for an impressive resume

Here are the essential steps for an impressive resume:

#1: Don't try and cram all your experience onto your resume

Tell your soon-to-be employer of the relevant skills and job experiences they would like to hear.

Distinguish yourself from other candidates by highlighting the skills and job experiences that your prospective hiring manager would like to know. It is pointless to write all your skills and job experiences in your resume since some of the skills and experiences may not be relevant to the job that has been advertised.

This is because your prospective employer has limited time to scan through a horde of resumes from thousands of job applicants. Therefore, you should impress him/her at the earliest opportunity in your resume. That’s why your focal point should be skills and job experiences that are relevant to the job in question.

#2: Describe your achievements in your previous employment

Your prospective hiring manager would like to know whether you’re able to do the job. The only way you can convince such an employer that you’re equal to the task is by showing your accomplishments in previous employments. You should showcase your accomplishments—and just the primary responsibilities—in your previous works to demonstrate that you’re equal to the task.

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#3: Describe your career progression

Your hiring manager is interested in knowing your early career advancement so that he/she can entrust you with the job position that should be filled. Therefore, if you’ve had a consistent promotion in your previous jobs, it’s important that your hiring manager knows this.

You should use your resume as a marketing strategy to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Therefore, describing your career progression will entice your hiring manager to consider inviting you for an interview.

#4: Select the appropriate use of keywords

Your soon-to-be employer has several job applicants for a particular position. As a result of a large number of candidates, it’s your primary responsibility to demonstrate to an employer that you’re qualified for the job. How do you achieve this? You select the right keywords that most other job seekers are using in their resume. You resume is meant to be powerful!

Lots of companies use the ATS (Applications Tracking Software) system to vet and scan through a horde of resumes so that only those resume that have specific keywords specified by an employer are invited for an oral interview. Therefore, if you’d like your resume to bypass the ATS, proper choice of keywords is essential.

To conclude, it’s important to craft an impressive resume if you’d like to get invited for an interview. For you to craft such a resume, you should look at the skills and job experiences to make sure they are relevant to the job in question, describe your previous job accomplishments, career progression and select the appropriate use of keywords that matches what your prospective employer is looking out for.

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