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What Are The Best Job Hunting Websites To Send Your Resume To?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Internet has become a popular place for job-seekers to find their dream jobs. Websites like LinkedIn are now a reliable source for employers to look for the right candidates and hire them on the spot. When it comes to submitting resumes, there are many dedicated websites that highlight your capabilities by simply forwarding your resume to say it all. But there are other things that you should know as well, such as, "What professional resume writing service is ranked "best" in Arizona?" and also "What are the best job boards to send your resume to?"

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Is there a benefit of creating an account on job hunting websites?

Yes, definitely. Employers get to know about your qualification, skills, and experience without having to look at your resume. Additionally, you receive selective job alerts to your email.

Does customizing your profile on job websites make a difference?

A complete profile not only speaks of your intent and necessity to get a job, it also makes a good first impression on the employers. If your submitted resume is contents of a book, then your profile will undoubtedly be its cover page. See, people are habitual to guessing books by their covers. This may not be a decisive step, but at least, it prompts the employers to get a good look at your resume.

Which job board websites are the best to get maximum responses?

Hint… use all of them. We recommend this because this is the only way to market your resume and maximize your chances of getting more interview calls. Nearly all the top ranking job hunting portals are boasting millions of accounts created both by the employers and wish-to-be employees. Sitting on a chair, navigating websites is as convenient as it can get, so keep firing away your resume. A powerful resume eventually acquires its target.

What is the best time of year to send resumes to career websites?

The heat for hiring does not remain the same throughout the year and it directly corresponds to the pace at which things are happening in a company and within the economy. Months right after the holidays are the fastest and most favorable, because that’s when hiring managers return to their offices and work with full momentum. There are also other decisive factors like budget placement and hiring goals of a company.

The beginning of the year is the best time to initiate job hunting, especially the first two months. After that, the hiring activities start to decline towards the summer, until finally ceasing during the summer holidays. Then, you only have September and October to send bulk applications out because much hiring won’t happen afterwards until the next calendar year.

The Best Job Hunting/Job Board Websites To Submit Your Resume To Are: | Alexa Ranking: 147 Global, 55 US

Indeed has become the most popular destination for job seekers and employers. Based in Austin, Texas, Indeed has been the most visited job search portal for the US audience for the past six years. It is basically a job search engine that crawls into thousands of website on a daily basis and lists jobs that can be filtered through by description, location, proximity, company, duration, posting date, and job announcing websites. | Alexa Ranking: 3544 Global, 1224 US

SimplyHired has been in the recruiting business since 2003, during which it has developed into a simple job site to online recruiting networks. SimplyHired offers jobs listing announced on the web, but its crawling ability extends beyond just job boards and classifieds. In 2003, the site was ranked #3 in the Forbes’ best career websites listing. |Alexa Ranking: 1673 Global, 490 US

As proved by Alexa ranking, CareerBuilder is one of the most visited employment websites by the American job seekers and employers. The job hunting site has a friendly user interface that makes resume submission and job application process easy to execute. CareerBuilder also hosts a blog containing expert tips to get more interview calls and finding jobs faster. Job browsing is also available in addition to advanced search to explore targeted opportunities. | Alexa Ranking: 995 Global, 309 US

Monster came into being in 1999 from the merger of two already existing job hunting websites that were at the peak during that time. It has always been a favorite spot for the US-based job seekers. With Monster, you can optionally include a cover letter in addition to the resume. | Alexa Ranking: 17 Global, 12 US

LinkedIn is not only employers’ hub for marketing their companies, but they also use to hunt for the potential candidates. Boasting a state of the art design and user interface, the website offers highly decorated profiles that outline your academic qualification, skills, experience, affiliated organizations, volunteer work and more that be downloaded as a PDF resume. In October 2015, the site claimed to have over 400 million user-base from over 200 countries, which makes is the largest professional online career networking website in the world. | Alexa Ranking: 71 Global, 13 US

Last but not the least, Craiglist is the ultimate job heaven for hundreds of thousands of jobs posted every day, which are categorized according to job type and location. Craigslist is best suited for US job seekers who have a powerful resume just waiting to ignite a job posting. The process is very simple, you just reply a job posting via email, where they can paste cover letters in the body along with a resume as an attachment.

Bottomline: Keep sending your resume!

Experts recommend that you should submit at least 15-20 resumes per day to job postings online, minimum (the more you submit your resume, the better chances of getting called in for interviews).

Apart from your investment of time, the resume is the only other thing that you can improve to get more interview calls. So hire the best Certified Professional Resume Writing services to make sure your resume is really worth the job, even overqualified.

Do My Resume.NET is the best of the best when it comes to expert resume writers, and they are the only professional resume writing service that offers you a Money Back guarantee if you didn’t get an interview call within 30 days.

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