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Resumes for Accountants: Writing An Effective Accounting Resume

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

If you’re interested in finding a job in the banking sector or accounting, but don’t believe your resume stands out in the crowd, this article is for you. Here we will go through a couple of key tips and tricks on how to write an accounting resume like a professional and make sure you get invited for the interview.

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Accounting resumes differ from other ones, mostly through the use of an executive summary, as well as the emphasis that must be placed on any licensing or certification a job seeker might have. Besides, key skills and core competencies, as well as work history, are a must.

First things first, let’s talk about the executive summary.

Executive summary:

An executive summary, or management summary, is a short paragraph, usually placed at the very top, where in just a couple of sentences, the job seeker highlights their most impressive achievements and most important skills. This is important for two big reasons.

First one – it places the focus on the company, and what the applicant can do for it, instead of the other way around. The ‘company first’ attitude is usually praised among hiring managers and is considered one of the top traits. Second one – it offers hiring managers the chance to go through key elements in mere seconds, showing the applicant understands the importance of time in this highly competitive environment.

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Showcasing licensing and certifications:

One of the most important things job seekers in the accounting industry can do for themselves is get certified. Besides any university education, having a certification (For example, the CPA in the English-speaking world) is a must. If you take a look at professionally written accounting resume templates online, you will see that many have separate sections for certifications, highlighting just how important it is.

Hiring managers will want to find this information fast and have it presented in an orderly fashion, which is why it’s important to have it earmarked. The CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a title given to accountants which have passed additional state education, and have the experience required to receive such a title.

Experience and skill:

After you have written down the executive summary, and showcased your licensing and certifications, it is time to expand on that by providing information regarding experience and core skills. As usual, experience is highly valued, especially when it is presented in a result-oriented way.

So make sure you showcase who you’ve worked for in the past, for how long, and which tasks you have been fulfilling during that time. Don’t be vague here – go into specific details. These details can be pretty much anything, from the size of budgets you’ve been managing, to the amount of money you’ve either earned, or saved for the company.

From our experience, savings are usually more valued than earnings, as they are something the company can effect directly.

Keywords and search phrases on accounting | CPA resumes:

The last, but definitely not the least, are the keywords and search phrases you should add to your accounting resume and cover letter. Remember, every resume, accounting and CPA included, usually go through an automated computer software system, which will scan all incoming resumes.

By having proper keywords, related to the job position, you will lower your chances of being eliminated at this stage. If applicable, make sure you add any (or all) of the following keywords: financial planning, strategic planning, auditing and compliance, budget management, budget development, acquisition negotiations, mergers. All of these, and possibly more, is what the ATS will look for in a resume.

Being a pro:

Being a professional means many things, but most importantly – it means you know what you want and you know how to get it. By having your accounting resume written by a professional accounting resume writing service that screams ‘I’m a pro’, you will increase your chances of landing a new job, and by following our tips that stage can be achieved without much hassle.

Keep in mind these things: having an executive summary will save the hiring manager precious time, and show him that you know what you’re doing. Showcasing any licensing and certifications, as well as your previous experience and core skills, will set you apart from the competition and highlight that you have what it takes.

And finally, by adding properly researched keywords to your accounting resume and cover letter, you are making sure you will pass through the ATS system, ultimately landing your resume in the hands of the recruiters.

Hiring a resume agency to write accounting resume:

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