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Resume Prep Services in Arizona

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Every job hunt should start with a well-written and extraordinarily great resume. A single piece of paper, highlighting the best of the candidate's abilities, their previous work experience, a dash of personality and vital contact information. All that information needs to be wrapped in a nice and coherent package, simple enough for a fast reading by the human resource department or hiring manager, yet good enough to spark its interest to learn more.

Phoenix AZ local resume professionals

If you were thinking that having all of that on a single piece of paper is a hard task, that's because – it is. People have been struggling with writing resumes since the idea was introduced. Studies have been published, courses organized, and companies set up.

Free resume review of my resume:

There is only one resume writing business that offers to review resumes for free by professional resume writer. Do My Resume.NET will review and prep your resume by evaluating your resume for free by a certified professional resume writer in Gilbert or Phoenix AZ office location.

Get professional resume prep help:

With writing a resume being such an important and challenging task, companies with professional resume writers started popping up, offering their services to the general public and usually promising higher chances of being called in for an interview. The resume writing service has since expanded to the entire job hunting process, from beginning to end, and has reached into the new, digital world.

One of the best resume writing companies in Phoenix, Arizona is Do My Resume.NET.

Do My Resume.NET has two commercial office locations based in both Peoria, AZ and Gilbert, AZ. Do My Resume.NET is a certified professional resume writing company with the highest resume writing standards. They are an accredited member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau); have the highest customer satisfaction rating; been published by LinkedIn.

This 10-year-old company, founded in 2006, has a customer satisfaction rate of 96.2 percent. It guarantees being invited for an interview within 30 days. Aside from this, Do My Resume.NET has the lowest prices for resume writing than any other resume writing service in all of Arizona.

Offering full resume writing and prep services:

As the job hunting process transformed and expanded, so did the services of these companies. First, they offer a custom and tailored professional looking resume, and the letter of intent. Simply Googling ‘letter of intent templates’ you’ll see how big of a problem it is for people to write such content, and how many headaches it can cause. Resumes are a struggle in their own right. Besides having to spark an interest in the human resources department and be short enough to fit only the most important information, they must also pass through what is known as the ATS System.

The ATS, or Applicant Tracking Software, is an automated computer software which scans hundreds (or thousands) of incoming resumes, and filters only the most relevant ones. This adds another layer of complexity to the resume, as now it must adhere to the software’s rules.

These include specific file types, specific fonts, keywords and search phrases, a complete lack of typos and other errors, and the lack of photos and other visual content. Then, the service moves into digital, offering a complete set-up, or revamping of social media accounts, most notably – LinkedIn.

Phoenix AZ local resume professionals

Hiring Professional To Write Your LinkedIn Account:

LinkedIn is a professional social network and an extremely important element in the job-seeking process. One of the first things the employer will do when researching a potential candidate is go through their social media accounts, and Google the name for any articles or other related content. So you might be asking, "should I hire a professional to write my LinkedIn profile?". The answer is, yes, because companies will research you online and expect to locate a detailed LinkedIn account.

After successfully setting up the candidate’s digital appearance, Do My Resume.NET will move into preparation for the interview. Together with the candidate, it will go through a simulation of the interview, offering guidance on how to answer some of the trickier questions companies often ask.

Often, such preparations can also rid the candidate of any stage fright, which is probably the biggest advantage he can get.

And finally, after all is said and done, if the job hunter gets offered the position (and according to Do My Resume.NET, they do – in 96.2 percent of cases), the company can prepare a thank you letter, thanking the executives for the given opportunity.

Big resume writing project:

As you can see, writing a resume is more than just the physical act of writing information on a piece of paper. It is a complete project whose ultimate goal is to get a person into a new job position. As with any other business opportunity, investments must be made in order to get something back. Investing in a professional-looking resume offers huge ROI (return on investment), as the service is fairly cheap compared to what you get in return.

Prices for the services at Do My Resume.NET, the best custom made resume writing company in Arizona vary, depending on what’s needed, and range from $19 for a Thank You letter, to $299 for a Level 3 Federal Resume.

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