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When To Have A Curriculum Vitae Versus A Resume

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

In the business world, just a couple of words can make a big difference. Having an eye-catching, well-written resume is a must in order to impress potential employers. Still, there are some employers who demand a Curriculum Vitae (CV) over a resume. To be able to go for the right one, you must know the difference between a CV and a resume. For some, these two are the same and serve the same purpose, but there are three key differences.

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Difference between a CV and a resume:

First difference is the length of the document. A resume is a rather brief summary of your skills and experiences, laid over one or maybe two pages. A CV is much the same thing, only longer and more detailed document that goes beyond two pages. It includes more information, especially related to academic background.

Second difference is the purpose of the document. A resume will be modified to each position whilst CV is static, unchanged and any changes made are put in the cover letter.

Third difference is the layout. A CV has a chronological order of the whole career, while information in a resume can be rearranged to applicant’s desire.

Third difference, a CV is a detailed, more comprehensible overview of an individual emphasizing academic accomplishments, whereas resume is a short, targeted summary emphasizing skills. The two are interchangeable and possible to use both separately and together.

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Where a CV is a must:

In the USA, 98 percent of employers require a resume, making it the preferred application document in North America. Now you’re asking yourself, “when does an employer require a curriculum vitae over a resume”?

If you're applying to any of the following industries, you should submit a curriculum vitae:

  • Universities jobs

  • Academies jobs

  • Colleges and various scientific institutes offering grants

  • Fellowships jobs

  • Postdoctoral positions

  • Teaching or research jobs

  • Healthcare jobs

Application for graduate school generally requires a CV, often interchangeable with a resume including specific information of research projects. Health industry also demands a CV, presented with other relevant information such as professional associations and licenses. If you are seeking work abroad, you’ll need a CV. In Europe, a CV is used to describe all job application documents, resume included. In mainland Europe, it is formatted in a standardised model called Europass for easier recognition. Employers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia may expect curriculum vitae, sometimes together with a resume.

As CV represents a full record of your career history, it is used primarily when applying for international, academic, scientific, education, medical or research oriented positions. Professions such as scientists, doctors and researchers are where a CV is required, as well as when applying for fellowships or grants.

Smart move to hire a professional CV writing service:

In order to get your dream job, you have to have a distinguished job application. You have to present a relevant, persuasive account of your particular skills and experiences relating to the particular job.

Since a CV is used mainly in countries outside of the United States, there may be some uncertainty. If you are unsure which format is right for the occasion or how to properly use a curriculum vitae, consult with a top rated professional CV writing service in Arizona.

Consulting professional resume and CV writing service is always an option. When something important like a job application is in order, there should be no room for mediocrity. Many employers are using management software like Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to screen candidates by searching for keywords. This enables them to go through their database much faster and easier, selecting only few for human supervision.

If your CV is not Search Engine Optimized (SEO) or correctly formatted or structured, you may never get past that software screening stage. That is why you need a help of a professional curriculum vitae writing service in Arizona. At Do My Resume.NET, you will get a very professional-looking, high quality and, very important, optimized CV. Most of the time, your CV will meet the criteria your potential employers seek and will pass ATS with ease. Soon, that job interview will be yours.

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